These Extra Perks At Your Fitness Club Or Spa Will Help In The Sack

There’s lots of reports out there about various workouts that can increase flexibility and stamina in the bedroom. But it turns out there’s a lot of those extras at the spots you work out – the stuff you see as for relaxation and not part of fitness – that will go a long way as well.

Steam room

“The steam room is great for your cardiovascular system. One study showed that spending time in a steam room helps circulation, says sex expert and psychologist Antonia Hall. This will help you have better blood flow to your nether regions during sexy time. Steam room time will relax your muscles and loosen joints, so you can have better flexibility to enjoy different sex positions, says Hall. The sauna offers similar benefits. 

Spa baths

Thanks to relaxation, stress relief, and heat, these baths are great for anxiety – and that’s great for helping you relax and have fun between the sheets. It’s also great, like the steam room and sauna, for full body detox, which may help you lose weight and have clearer skin – great for confidence


“Getting a massage is a wonderful way to prepare the body for sex. It relaxes muscles and gets the blood flowing. It also gets your body kicking out feel good hormones, like endorphins,” says Hall. All of this can definitely build arousal. 

And if you happen to be at a spa that does couples massages, go for that. “Couples massages are a form of foreplay-almost as good as a romantic dinner at a swanky restaurant,” says Sherry Gaba, LCSW, a Psychotherapist and Life Coach, author of current Amazon Best-Seller: The Marriage and Relationship Junkie. “Clearing of the mind, melting away stress, breathing in essential oils will guarantee a more satisfying sexual experience,’ says Gaba.

Hit the pool

You may swim some laps to exercise, or just to cool down and relax, but it’s good for a lot more. “Swimming is one of the best forms of full body exercise,” says Hall.  “It’ll tone muscles without putting pressure on joints. That will have you in great cardiovascular and physical form for all of your favorite sexual activities,” says Hall.