Treat Yourself To A Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave

Regardless of whether you have a photo-op coming up or simply want to relax and provide yourself or a loved one some world-class self care, come by LA’s own Barber Surgeon’s Guild for our Signature Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave. Straight razor shaving is a natural exfoliant which has been shown to improve the health and appearance of skin, and BSG strives to improve upon excellence with our Signature Shave. Each shave begins with a consultation with your professionally trained master barber, so as to better understand what you are going for.

Each shave includes facial massage for optimal relaxation and to prepare the hair follicles for a smoother and closer shave. This is followed by an aromatic hot towel treatment with each pass of the razor and a cooling towel treatment post shave to ensure the closing of the pores before aftershave or a luxury cologne from our collection is applied. Throughout your shave luxury mens grooming products are utilized as needed.

Delegate your shave to one of BSG’s grooming experts for our Signature Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave. While straight razor grooming is the most time-honored way to shave, it can be time consuming to learn. There are many different techniques and strokes for different hair types and desired results such as scything, diagonal push, and going against the grain of the hair which requires it’s own special grip. Mastery of this tool and craft is time consuming, with the added high stakes of potentially nicking yourself. Straight razor shaving is so precise and effective as the blade does not have additional encasing or predetermined settings. Simply by changing the angle, motion, pressure and grip on the razor, you have immediate influence on the blade.

“I always have viewed shaving like the art of sculpting… Men are the raw slab of granite and as we move the razor along the face, we’re carving out a more refined version of themselves.” -Brandon Barney, BSG Master Barber

Straight razor shaves are a green alternative to disposables or electric razors. Open blades can handle more lather, so less frequent rinsing is needed, reducing water waste. A well honed and well maintained straight razor can last a lifetime, however BSG employs straight razors with a disposable blade to ensure the cleanest sharpest blade possible for every shave.

Be sure to check out our services here and treat yourself a Signature Shave today.  Explore the other grooming and our other, more long lasting advanced medical grooming services.