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10 Reasons Why Hair Regeneration Rocks for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair may not be one of those things you expected to deal with as you age. But here are the facts: About 50 million men and 30 million women in America experience some kind of hair loss. So, take heart: You’re not alone.

The upside to this is that modern technology is being used to get behind the hair loss problem, helping to look for affordable ways for men with thinning hair to benefit.

At BSG, it’s our prerogative to help you live the life you want to achieve. When you come in for a session, you don’t just sit down and get a haircut. We walk you through the entire process, let you know your options and give advice. Think of it as a free education in the art of manly living. Our Master Barbers are on call at all hours to ensure your hairstyle satisfaction.

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So here are 10 reasons why we think you might benefit from hair regeneration techniques and therapies:

1. Hair Restoration Will Boost Your Self-Image

No doubt about it: Hair does a lot for our self-image. Many people associate a full head of hair with vigor and vitality. Women who are blessed with long, lush locks are often seen as more sensual, more feminine, while men with thick hair are often seen as more successful, more masculine… and ultimately, both, more attractive. On the other hand, losing a lot of hair can cause you to have setbacks and personal problems.


2. New Medications Are Available

Doctors are quite familiar with alopecia, and other hair loss conditions. There are now new medications and treatments that can actually alter your body’s hormones. If you are experiencing an imbalance, these therapies help adjust you to a healthier stage. If you are overly stressed, for example, hair loss may just be one of the many side effects. Now, you can sign up for corrective treatments, ranging from vitamin intake, prescribed meds, to actual hair transplants.


Restorative Shampoo

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3. Hair Restorative Shampoo Is Easy and Acceptable

If you haven’t considered it yet, why not try some shampoo that can make your hair visibly fuller? The best type of product is a fortified shampoo — use our BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo, designed to cleanse as well as moisturize your scalp. Hair restoration shampoo is an easy way to take care of the hair you still have, and give your scalp extra special care on a regular basis.

4. The Ease of Hair Growth Laser Therapy

LLLT, or low-level laser therapy, is an FDA-approved treatment that you can benefit from if you suffer with androgenetic alopecia. This photo-biostimulator helps to prolong hair growth abilities and can be just as effective as hair loss treatment drugs.


5. Increased PRP Benefits

Perhaps you are familiar with PRP or platelet-rich plasma? If not, ask your Master Barber or Physician to give you more information. Basically, it’s a treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to revitalize and activate hair growth cells. The benefits of platelet-rich plasma are many: Besides being easy to use, effective and quick, the PRP treatment is also safe. It doesn’t hurt more than a few pinpricks, and there’s hardly any downtime. This makes it easy to schedule at your own leisure. PRP is also pretty cost-effective, and a good choice for anyone with thinning hair.

6. Better for Your Career

As much as we like to think or claim that your outward appearance doesn’t have a lot to do with your skills, your future boss might see it differently. Or, the person on the other end of your interview. Men with balding spots can sometimes be seen as a weaker candidate for higher-paying corporate positions. Investing some budget in your hair care and routine will make a sure difference at that next job interview.



7. Hair Regeneration Doesn’t Have the Same Stigmas as It Used to

In years past, it was often frowned upon for men to want to improve their hair growth. Wigs were something you laughed at, and bald men attempting to regrow their hair were often the butt of comedy jokes and ridicule. Not so anymore. With Instagram and celebrity barbers such as Guy Tang showing this very normal part of life, people have been more open to hair fixes, and trying out modern solutions.

8. Your Partner Will Thank You

If you think that hair regeneration is a waste of time for yourself, then at least do it for your partner. Caring for your body, grooming and investing in yourself will not only boost your own confidence, but your partner’s as well! He or she will see that you care enough to upgrade your life. Cheers to more fun, today and tomorrow!

10. Hair Regeneration Will Never Go Out of Style

“There are four things you want to see in a gentleman: their suit, their watch, their shoes and their haircut,” says celebrity barber Richard Mendoza. (Follow him on Instagram: @FilthyrichBarberShop.)

Stay on top of your game by looking into hair regeneration options, doing what feels right for you and talking to your Master Barber at your next appointment. He can give you great advice that will enhance both your look and your self-confidence.

At BSG, we’ve done a lot of research on the latest technology in hair regeneration. We offer robotic hair transplants, PRP, and many more hair regeneration solutions. Call us today to schedule a consultation or have a chat with one of our barbers or doctors. We can offer you everything from specialty shampoo to robotic hair restoration and grooming products.

And of the opposite is necessary — if you need some hair removal instead, we’ve got you covered, too! Come over for the best beard trims of your life, laser hair removal or a full treatment shave. Book an appointment with Barber Surgeons Guild today.

We look forward to helping you look and feel your very best!