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10 Reasons Why You Need a Master Barber for Your Next Cut

The last time you plopped down in your barber’s chair, what was going through your head? Your upcoming date? That holiday you’ve been dreaming of? Those shoes on sale? Your rent payment?

A trip to a barber can be so much more than just a weekly appointment. Having a Master Barber cut your hair is the difference between drinking with your next door neighbor and attending a sommelier event. All the same, what you get out of it is what you put into it.

Miguel Gutierrez, otherwise known as the Nomad Barber, learned his techniques while traveling the world. He documents his style on his Instagram and YouTube channels.

“Hairstyle can often be an indication of one’s social status within a number of societies, which in itself is extremely interesting, but the significance of ‘shaving’ is fascinating!” he writes on his blog.

Getting male grooming tips and the perfect cut from Master Barbers like Miguel is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Visit BSG for all of this and more.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a master Barber for your next signature haircut:


master barber

1. So You Can Upgrade Your Style

You wouldn’t post the same picture on your social media feed day after day, would you? All the same, it’s easy to get used to a rut of a hairstyle. Your routine becomes one that you do without thinking, and you may not even stop to change it. If you’re stuck in that style rut, a Master Barber is the best person to help you get out. He’ll tell you whether your style is worth keeping or if you should exchange it for one that will take the years off and enhance your handsome features.

2. To Add Texture to Your Hair

Creating a look that can trick the viewers’ eyes into thinking they are seeing something spectacular is an art form. And it’s one that only a Master Barber can achieve. It also requires the right tools. A professional salon or barber’s shop is well-equipped for any type of client. Want more or less texture? Feathered fringes or a shaved nape? This takes a little bit of magic and a whole lot of technique.

3. To Get Lifestyle and Fitness Tips

Let’s face it. These days, men everywhere are bombarded with “Top 10 Lifestyle Tips” on their digital devices. Everyone seems to be an influencer, and everyone is shouting at you to follow their advice. They all seem to think they know what’s good for you. But there are two types of men who actually know what they’re talking about: a bartender, and a Master Barber. Think of them as easy-going shrinks who have seen the very best and the very worst. They’ve got the lifestyle advice you’ll want to sit up and listen to.

4. To Rant

Sometimes you just need to rant to someone who can take it, non-judgmentally. ‘Nuff said.

5. To Have a Buddy

You may be the king of your social network, or you may be a loner. It doesn’t matter; at the end of the day, life is about connection and communication. What kind of guy can give you good advice on top of actual grooming products that make a difference?

6. To Learn About the Latest Fashion Trends

Master Barbers have seen it all, so they know what works, for whom, and for which type of facial structure. Many are also pros at spotting fashion trends. These barbers usually follow and keep up with the latest styles, as they need to permanently retain an edge over their competition. You can learn a lot from them while paying only for the charge of the haircut.

7. To learn Comprehensive Hair Terminology

Blocked or tapered? Rounded? Layered, choppy or lazy? Top-of-the-ear sideburns? These are all terms that refer to styles of haircuts. Going to a Master Barber for your next cut can be a whole new lesson in hair terminology.

8. So You Can Be a Better Listenermaster barber

If your girlfriend claims that you never listen, take heed. What if she’s right? Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a minute and imagine that you could use some communication skill honing. The next time you visit your master barber, here’s a challenge. Listen to his grooming advice. Take it all in. Practice what he tells you, and then on your second visit, see if you’ve done your homework well. A visit to a barber is an excellent chance to go into a room with an open mind and exit it with trust.

9. To Find Out the Secrets of Hair Restoration

The more often you go to the barber, the likely you are to learn something. There are a lot of modern technologies available for men who experience hair loss. If you’re one of that large percentage, learn about your options, whether they are as simple as purchasing hair restoration shampoo or trying a new treatment such as PRP or Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration. Talk with your Master Barber about what options can benefit you.

10. For the Luxury of a Full Treatment

You could go to any barber and get a hair chop. Or you can go to a BSG Master Barber and indulge in something special.

For example, only the BSG signature haircut begins with a personal consultation from a master barber. During this time, you can communicate about your desired style or get a recommendation for hair products that suit your coif. Next, the master barber will design a signature style for you. You’ll indulge in a hot towel soaked with aromatic essential oils. To finish it all off: a straight razor shave on your nape, depending on how you like it.

To complement the skills of our top BSG barbers, we only use the world’s best oils and tinctures. This ensures top quality and makes your experience like no other.

“I believe good hair comes from a better relationship and deeper understanding between a client and their hairdresser,” says Master Barber Andrew of @Andrewdoeshair. “It’s less a result of superior skill and more a result of creating an appropriate narrative through hair. Good hair tells an honest story about the person wearing it.”

Ready to book your Master Barber? Call us for a consultation appointment, or find out more at BSG. Also, stay tuned to our blog for tips and tricks for a healthier, happier lifestyle.