4 Ways to Part Your Hair Like a Gentleman

While clothes can make the man, hair styles on the other hand, can certainly say a lot about you. Especially when it comes to parts. Scientists have even developed a theory, that hair parts can emphasize certain mental attributes.

But, oftentimes, we choose our parts based on what’s “in” at the time. “The return of classic haircuts is bringing the part front and center,” explained Becca May, Reuzel Scumbassador Director for North America. “Your hair’s growth pattern determines where to part your hair.” May details several popular parting techniques.

Hard Part: Mad Men Style

Generally speaking, everyone has cowlicks in the crown. Starting with wet hair, apply your product and blow-dry your hair or let it dry. Then, find your cowlick, then using the wide-toothed end of you comb, draw a line from its center to the front hairline, honoring the hair’s natural fall. Part it straight to the natural recession of your hairline by your temple. Visualize a line straight up from the arch of the eyebrow. That’s where the part will look natural, as opposed to a comb-over. To finish, take the small-toothed end of the comb and press it down where it parts to accentuate the finish. This gives you the classic 1920s aesthetic.

Soft part: For a wild, James Dean Vibe

With a soft part, you won’t see a concrete line. Rather, this part gives your hair a style with direction and texture. On dry hair, use your fingers to shake the hair at your crown to see where the natural fall is. Then, use your palms to brush back your hair where it falls naturally.

The Classic 1920’s Aristocrat

Have fun with the popularity of classic styles. This Classic 1920’s style features a greased middle part with high shine and finger waves. To get the look, blow-dry your hair into the desired shape. Then, add an ample amount of pomade. Using the wide-toothed end of your comb, draw a line right down the middle of your head straight back from the forehead. Comb the product through. Then, use the fine-toothed end to press the product and the shape into the hair.

The High-Style No Part

For the popular no-part high front, start with wet hair. Apply a Grooming Tonic liberally from scalp to ends. Apply the nozzle to your blow-dryer and starting at the back, blow-dry the crown down, working systemically toward the front. At mid-ear, start elevating the hair with a vent brush by pulling the hair straight up to create height. The grooming tonic will provide the support and volume the hair needs to stay up. Once your hair is bone dry, apply a holding grease scalp to ends, using your comb to elevate the hair into the shape you dried it into. To finish, take a metal hair pick and lift the front up for extra height.

Pro Tip: If you’re undecided on which part to choose, find out which part is the most natural for you by drying hair completely and seeing where the part falls.