5 Products No Man’s Bathroom Should Be Without

5 Products No Man’s Bathroom Should Be Without

How you stock your bathroom says a lot about your priorities and how you like to live your life. No matter who you are, though, you should have these five products in your bathroom. They’ll help you look and feel better.

lippman_bsg_dayone_21a5690_rt.jpgOrganic Shampoo

Jonathan Van Ness says that he only washes his hair once or twice a week. Most people wash their hair too frequently. If you wash your hair too much, you will strip away the natural oils you need for shiny, luscious hair.

Since you should only use shampoo a couple of times per week, make sure you have an organic shampoo that promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

For the best results, match your shampoo with a conditioner that will keep your oils in balance. Conditioner will also moisturize your scalp to prevent dandruff.

Moisturizer With SPF Protection

If you don’t use moisturizer daily, you’ll almost certainly develop wrinkles and fine lines before your peers. Ten years from now, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do something to prevent those premature wrinkles.

Keep a good bottle of moisturizer in your bathroom so it’s easy to apply before you leave home in the morning. Even better, choose a moisturizer with SPF protection. SPF protection isn’t just for people who live in sunny cities like LA. Clouds don’t block the sun’s damaging rays, so you need to apply your moisturizer every day.

Water-Based Pomade


Unless you shave your head, you should have a high-quality, water-based pomade in your bathroom. HCO1 Pomade gives you the hold that you need for all kinds of hairstyles. Unlike wax-based pomade, HCO1 Pomade won’t weigh your hair down or make you look like a “greaser” from the 1950s

Owning pomade is just the first step to achieving a cool style. You also need to know how to apply pomade the proper way. If you’ve never used pomade, you can start by following GQ writer Jake Woolf’s advice.

According to Woolf, you should rub the pomade between your palms, apply the pomade throughout your hair, and shape your hair into the style that you prefer.

A Wet Shave Kit

Even guys who rock full beards should have wet shave kits in the bathroom. How else are you going to keep stray hairs under control? After all, you don’t want to go full wolfman. Shaving your upper cheeks and neck will prevent that undesirable look.

A basic wet shave kit needs to include a shaving soap, brush, aftershave and reliable razor. Ideally, you should find a better alternative to the razors sold at your local drug store. You don’t necessarily have to get a straight razor, but you should find a high-quality blade that will serve you for the rest of your life.


Stop thinking of tweezers as feminine products that women use to eliminate stray hairs. As a man, you probably have plenty of your own stray hairs. Keep an excellent pair of tweezers in your bathroom so you can pluck random beard hairs, remove lush nose hairs, and prevent anything that comes close to resembling a unibrow.

Some of the best tweezers look a little girly. Don’t worry about it. If pink tweezers happen to make hair removal less painful, then so be it.

Using these five products can boost your self-confidence and keep you looking your best. Of course, you’ll want to add other items for your personal style. As long as you have these five products, though, you can surpass basic grooming habits.