Thinning Hair

7 Ways to Help Your Thinning Hair

Most men notice some form of hair thinning by the time they turn 35. There are obviously lucky guys who keep their hair – you know, the ones you love to hate – but losing some hair as aging takes its toll isn’t unnatural. In the modern world, though, it’s not something you merely have to accept. Now is the time to buck up, put on your big boy pants, and try these methods to help your thinning hair.


1. Eat More Protein

We realize that eating more protein is the answer to just about everything a man wants to accomplish. Need to put on some muscle mass? Protein will do it. Want to last a little longer in the sack? Protein is the way to go. Fortunately, it can also help to reduce scalp thinning.

Hair requires protein to grow, so when your levels are below average, your body compensates by showing off your scalp to the world. We know it can be annoying to actually pay attention to your diet, but it’s something you should already be doing as an adult.

If you’re ready to fight hair thinning naturally, stock your fridge with eggs, milk, beef and – yes – even Greek yogurt.

2. Cut Down on Stress Levels

If the most stressful thing in your life is building up the gonads to buy a stranger a drink, thank your lucky stars. Most people experience family or work problems on the daily, and if you’re one of them and don’t take care of yourself, you’ll start losing your hair, even if you’re not pulling it out yourself.

It’s difficult to avoid stressful situations altogether. But you don’t have to. Take time out of your day to exercise and meditate. You should already be exercising for health reasons, and meditating can help to clear your mind. Both these activities also reduce stress levels.

Do a sit-up. Listen to some Celtic tunes. Even if the thought of combining the two sickens you, going bald will probably be a little worse.

3. Robotic Hair Generation

It should be no surprise that keeping your hair is one of the easiest ways to look younger. Unfortunately, all the protein and weird music in the world won’t always stop hair from thinning. If the traditional tips don’t pay off, robotic hair generation might be your best option.

This process involves harvesting hairs from a donor site on your body and implanting them on areas of the scalp that are looking a little sparse. In addition to using robotic technology –

yes, just like in The Terminator – it’s one of the most effective hair restoration techniques out there.

Of course, this is a bigger commitment than just eating a steak every day. Check out the facts about robotic hair restoration and other services offered by BSG to see all your options.

4. Switch to a Healthier Lifestyle

Even if some debilitating disease isn’t the cause of your thinning hair, there’s still a good chance that the loss is related to your health. Drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, eating junk food and not engaging in physical activity can all lead to hair loss.

We shouldn’t have to spell this out for you, but you need to get in better shape. And before you start whining about how hard it is, go check out what fitness guru Nancy Anderson accomplished after giving birth. If you get in half as good of shape as she is in, you might have long flowing hair within the week.

DisclaimerThe “within a week” statement was an exaggeration. Get over it.

5. Start Combing Instead of Brushing

Did you know that using a brush instead of a comb can contribute to thinning hair? Someone should’ve told us this when we were young. Maybe they thought it would be funnier to not warn us. Either way, a high-quality comb is one of the best hair products a man can invest in.

Moral of the story? Go invest in one.

6. Be Mindful of What Goes on Your Hair

This tip isn’t about the avoidance of putting stupid stuff in your hair. After all, it should be obvious that shampooing with Nair isn’t going to end well for you. There are certain hair products, though, that may stop thinning before something like transplants becomes necessary.

The HCO1 products at Barber Surgeons Guild, for example, all feature ingredients proven that can give you a fuller-looking head of hair. The shampoo, conditioner, pomade and other products also have safe ingredients that won’t cause any additional damage to your mane.

If changing up your hair routine is enough to stop the thinning, why wouldn’t you do it? And yup – we’re hoping that question came off as rhetorical.

7. Get a Scalp Massage

You undoubtedly have given yourself a scalp massage in the past. It’s probably nothing compared to the one provided by massage therapist to the stars, Dr. Dot, but it likely still felt pretty great. Luckily, using your fingers to rub in a circular motion can also increase circulation to your scalp. Amazingly enough, this can stimulate hair growth all on its own.

We’re going to say this in the most unperverted way possible: get to rubbing.

Stop Thinning Hair in Its Tracks

It’s a pretty good guess that if you’re reading this article, you’re already starting to get a little thin up top. Thankfully, you’ve found the holy grail of keeping your hair where it belongs. With a little hard work, a focus on your health and the utilization of modern technology, you can make sure the ladies keep calling for years to come. Then again, maybe you could use a few more tips. If so, check out the Barber Surgeons Guild Dispatch!