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hair styling tips for men

How to Choose the Best Barber for Male Hair

Being able to walk in and ask for your normal haircut is not the only perk of getting a male hair cut from a barber that you go to and trust to cut your hair. Once you visit a true barber on a regular basis...

Straight Razor Shave

The Straight Razor Shave You Didn’t Know You Needed

A full treatment shave is something that has been lost in the current public eye. Most men hurry through their daily routine of canned foam and disposable razors with seven blades. But caring for your skin is something that everyone needs to take into consideration,...

sleeping habits

Why It’s Good to Sleep in on the Weekends

How are your sleeping habits? Are you an early, or late riser? Do you get more than 8 hours of sleep a night? Do you tend to sleep in on the weekends? And how does all of this affect your health? Scientists have been studying the...

Har care

Why You Should Invest in a Good Hair Care Regimen

Since you're at the Barber Surgeons Guild website, you've probably already given up on the hair care products lining the shelves of your local drug store. Good for you! But there's more to looking great than choosing the right products. You also need to invest...