Makers Mark

Cigar and Drink Pairings That Will Make You Drool

Want to know how to pair your Maker’s Mark cigars? When you have a beautiful cigar, you want to savor every second. That means that you do not just down the closest beer to you unceremoniously. Kind of like a perfect woman. Take your time; don’t rush the good stuff.

But if you think you are a bit amateur when it comes to pairings, we’re here to help. It’s okay to do a bit of research before on the topic. If you are going to a cigar party, you wanna know your stuff. And what is the point of enjoying pleasure without knowing how high you can go… Also, remember to make sure you look your best – you want to look just as good or even better than your company.

It goes without saying that a fine cigar needs a fine drink to match the bliss. No use having a luxurious puff unless you take great care to make sure your drink is perfect, too.

How to Pair Maker’s Mark Cigars and Alcohol

Of course, there are many different spirits, cocktails, fine wines and beers you could choose to enjoy while you puff your way to pleasure. Here we give you some tried and proven ones that are classic gentleman’s drinks. You cannot go wrong with these — just ask your barber friends at BSG!

1. Bourbon and Scotch

Go for single barrel bourbons or single malt Scotches. You really don’t need to get fancier than that. If you choose a premium product, it will have the delicious, smoky flavor you can get from the malt.

2. Port

Traditionally, men took a port with their cigars. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but a good vintage port can balance and blend perfectly with your cigar. The tannins are a good pairing with the spicy smokiness of your best-quality cigar.

3. Cognac

Call us cliché, but nothing beats a classic cognac — with or without that Maker’s Mark cigar. Especially after you have ingested a heavy meal, do as the Italians do and take the digestive — it’s for your health!

4. A Good Wine

Again, this is subjective. But you should go for a red, dry, yet not too heavy wine. Stay away from anything that will make you feel too heavy and drowsy. That is what the cigar is for. We favor Chiantis for a round of puffs with the boys.  And for the girls, of course 😉

5. Rum

Rum might be the cheapest type of drink you can find on a Friday night. But beware: You want to only take a rum that has been manufactured carefully and reached its full potential — again, quality over quantity!

But here’s the thing: Even the best-seasoned cigar smokers and most famous spirit connoisseurs can’t tell you what’s good for you. This is something you have to try yourself.

Put your natural tasting abilities to practice next time you’re at the pub or in a whiskey tasting session. Find out what feels good, and do that. Then do it again. It’s the only way to develop expertise in any field.

Of course, you always go down for a full treatment and speak with your barber about the tricks of the trade. Chances are, they can tell you exactly where to get the perfect brew, the perfect spirits and the perfect cigar.

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