Daily Workouts to Stay in Shape

If you think pumping iron is the best and only way to stay in shape, think again.  There are plenty of other ways to stay fit, that’ll save you the time and expense of going to the gym (so there’s no excuse!) From toning up those quads while you’re taking out the garbage, to high-tech apps right on your iPhone, our experts have some other ideas you might want to consider. 

Strong Shave: While shaving, get into a lunge position with the leg that’s furthest from the mirror out in front, said Steph Mansour, CEO of Step it up with Steph.  “Bend that knee over the ankle, and shave the opposite side of the face, the side that’s turned towards the mirror! Hold that lunge for the duration of the shave on that side, and then simultaneously switch legs and sides of your face!”

Trash Duty: If you’re taking out the garbage, lunge your way to the trash chute or dumpster, said Mansour. Also, hold a squat for a few seconds while you’re putting in a new trash bag.

Office Toner: When you’re listening in on a conference call, put your phone on mute and do a 30 second sprint in place, followed by 10 burpees (also known as squat thrusts).  Repeat until it’s almost your time to talk! Don’t forget to pack those sneaks in your briefcase!

Push It: That old military standby is still an effective means of maintaining and building upper body strength, said New Jersey-based Certified Personal Trainer Jolene Matthews. Not to mention, they can be done anywhere. “Men should shoot for 40 [push-ups] a day to increase upper body muscle mass within 3 weeks,” said Matthews. You can do these on the floor, or against your sink or windowsill, using your body weight.

Knock ‘Em Out Like Money Mayweather: Whether you consider yourself to be a lover or a fighter, the total body toning and cardio effects of the latter is like no other (although sex is known to burn a few calories as well). “Grab a pair of boxing gloves and blow off steam by punching a heavy bag for 20 minutes daily,” recommended Matthews. “Shoot to jab and cross for about 60 seconds at a time. Then take a 30 second break,” she adds. There’s a reason why boxers are the leanest athletes with the most amount of muscle mass. It works your entire upper body including the core. You can pick up a heavy bag and some boxing gloves at most sporting good stores.

Climb the Stairs: Whether your home or office has stairs, opt for those instead of the elevator whenever possible. Even better, run up and down them a few times a day. “Doing this 3 times a week for 20 minutes will drastically help reduce body fat while spiking your metabolism,” said Matthews. You can also add in a calf-toning exercise, by standing at the edge of each stair, with your feet slightly apart, heels hanging off, and slowly raise legs up and down, suggested Certified Personal Trainer and publicist, Sarah Doheny.

Jack Stay Nimble: While you’re sneaking in some cardio or toning with some of the exercises outlined above, guys, don’t forget to stretch.  At BodeNYC, men are flocking to try hot yoga, (yoga in a hot room, typically between 98 and 105 degrees). “In general, men are a bit tighter than women, so with the heated environment, men are able to work safely into postures and gain flexibility faster,” said Donna Rubin, co-founder of BodeNYC.

“Also, we have noticed that because men have to work a bit harder to gain flexibility, they tend to burn more calories and lose weight faster,” said Rubin.  “Over the years, we have seen many men lose up to 20 pounds in as little as three months with a regular practice. It is sometimes frustrating for us women to see how quickly the men transform!” Once you get some familiarity, you can keep on practicing those poses in the comfort of your own home. You can find a hot yoga spot near you with a simple google search.

Digital Tools:

Fitness doesn’t end with your daily workout. Here are some apps to help you stay in shape, or keep track of your progress. Note that some are free, while others may carry a cost.