Get Your Summer Bod with SculpSure!

The word SculpSure is a nightmare for spell check programs, but if you’ve come across this term while surfing the web, you’re probably looking to shred some fat. After all, summertime means swimsuits, and you don’t want the ladies mistaking you for a beached manatee. Fortunately, SculpSure is a laser body contouring procedure that can trim down fat before you hit the water. Getting a tan so you don’t blind anyone? That’s on you.


Why Your Fat Isn’t Going Away

If you’re lugging a flat tire around your waist or have other areas that just won’t slim down, there’s a chance it has nothing to do with your diet or exercise routine. Sure, if you lay around on the couch all day eating Fritos, it probably has something to do with those, but countless people have found that doing the right thing doesn’t always translate into a better-looking body.

Unfortunately, we sometimes just retain fat. SculpSure laser contouring can help remedy this, but wouldn’t you like to know what could be causing the issue? We’re going to tell you either way:

Lack of Sleep

Studies show getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night makes you 30% more likely to put on extra pounds. If you lay awake all night, sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus suggests doing mildly challenging math problems in your head rather than counting sheep. Honestly, has counting sheep ever worked?

Too Much StressSculpsure

Stress can make you eat less healthy, but it also increases your cortisol levels. Without getting too scientific – because no one wants that – this hormone can make fat cling to your body. Stress expert Dr. Kathleen Hall suggests reducing stress by delegating some of your duties, setting aside time to relax and connecting with friends.

Processed Foods are Ruining You

While some processed foods may seem low in calories, they can also increase inflammation in your body. We really shouldn’t have to provide a doctor’s opinion on how to fix that. Easy solution: Cut down on the processed foods!

What Does SculpSure Do?

If you’ve seen other procedures fail to garner perfect results, you’re probably wondering whether laser body contouring works at all. The simple answer is “yes,” but of all the therapies out there, you’ll have better results with SculpSure. It’s a short, 25-minute procedure that uses lasers to break down your fat cells. That’s right – when someone asks why you look so great, you can say “lasers.”

You can see results even after one treatment, and the procedure is done in such a way that you shouldn’t feel any pain. In this instance, no pain really does equal no gain (we’re hoping that joke made sense). To achieve final results, you should only need three of these short sessions.

Head on over to our services page at Barber Surgeons Guild to learn more about SculpSure and our other treatment options!

How SculpSure Stacks Up

There are other types of body contouring procedures, but they are extremely different than SculpSure. Some therapies, for instance, attempt to freeze away fat cells. Others actually use sound waves in an attempt to rupture these cells. These results can vary dramatically and there’s a chance of downtime as a side effect.

This isn’t the case with SculpSure. No downtime means you can go right to the gym to shred more fat. Plus, the procedure costs less than other treatments that don’t show results nearly as quickly. We don’t quite understand the reasoning behind this either, but it’s just the way of the world.

Get on Level with SculpSure!

No matter how hard you try over the year, sometimes it just seems impossible to get that perfect beach body. Now go ahead and toss that thought out of your head. SculpSure shows quick results that could put Brad Pitt to shame. Okay – maybe not him – but Tom Cruise for sure. If you’d like to learn more about gearing up for the best summer ever, check out our men’s tips at Barber Surgeons Guild!