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Getting a Signature Haircut: The Best Upscale Haircut of Your Life

Many guys are happy with the same old haircut day in and day out. But an upscale haircut can change your mood, your day, and even your life!

If you are an avid traveler like men’s style influencer Adam Gallagher, your settings can change but not your hairstyle. People see you and recognize your haircut. It stands out, just like your personality.

Signature Haircut

What Makes a Signature Haircut Great?

In short, what makes a signature haircut awesome is having an

awesome stylist. Someone who takes the time to get to know you and your hair. Someone who doesn’t just do it because it’s their job, but because it’s their passion.

The way to find this type of stylist is to ask for a consultation before booking your hairstyling appointment. This way, you can ask the stylist any questions you may have, get their opinion on your current hairstyle, and what changes you should consider making.

This is also the time to talk about the characteristics of your hair, any products you have been using, and any issues your hair and scalp may have. If you don’t know whether you are allergic to hair products, you can also test out a few on your skin during the consultation.

Get your stylist to converse about shampoos and styling products. Find out what they have available, and what they plan to use on your hair.

This is the point when you can decide whether or not you feel comfortable with your stylist. Don’t just go them because you heard they were good, or some celebrity talked about the barbershop. Go because they make you feel good and because you can communicate well with each other.

What Makes a Qualified Hair Stylist?

A qualified, experienced hairstylist is always able to bring out your best features. If you want the slick style of ex-model Mariano Divaio @marianodivaio, choose your barber wisely. When getting your upscale haircut, go for someone who is a trained master barber.

They should have years of hands-on experience, expertise, and use the latest cutting-edge techniques when designing and then crafting a new hairstyle for someone.Upscale Haircut

A qualified hair stylist also takes the time to find out exactly which style will suit you, your personality, and your budget. He or she won’t just suggest something because it’s trendy. They’ll make an effort to demonstrate your best features.

They might suggest new colors or tones, new cuts, and trims to frame your face. But they’ll never try to push something you’re uncomfortable with. And if you have any wild requests, they won’t act snobbish and make you feel like you’re so outdated.

You see, hairdressing is a skilled trade. It’s something that a proper hairdresser treats like an art learned over years of study, and years of perfecting the craft. And when they find the client to work with, they treat them as if they are an art collector—getting to know their desires, wishes, and even what makes them unhappy.

The BSG Upscale Haircut Experience

Ready for the best upscale haircut of your life? Check out BSG, where you can count on our hairdressers to treat you like a best friend. They’ll tell you what works for your features, and what doesn’t.

You’ll get the whole consultation, book an appointment for the cut, then experience bliss. During your haircut, you’ll enjoy a hot towel soaked with a unique blend of essential oils. It’s a perfectly soothing and aromatic experience. Then, a straight razor shave, if desired. Yours will be a hairstyle designed to last. Even when growing out, it won’t look funky.

For more tips on grooming, health, even sex and success, visit our blog on BSG. We’re here to help you get the hairstyle—and lifestyle—you’ve always wanted!