How Real Men Dress for Fall

If you’ve been scrolling through the BSG blog or products page, you’ve probably read up on our spring-to-summer fashion tips. But as the days shorten and the air gets brisker, you may need to retire your whole wardrobe. Gone are the shorts, the tees, the sandals, even the trips to the beach (unless you’re hanging out around a bonfire). Fall is approaching, and you want to stay comfortable without losing your swag. So here are some tips on how to layer up with the right outfit for early fall.

1. Boots

Boots are a must in the fall. The right pair of boots can work in a business meeting or at an East LA bar. (Or as you travel through Nepal, Wyoming, the boot of Italy or any other adventure that you choose for 2018.) Wingtips, duck boots, weekend boots, 1,000-mile boots — the options probably seem endless. So browse through Men’s Health to narrow down what you want. Whichever boots you choose, make sure that you feel confident in them (and, of course, that they keep your toes warm).

2. Socks

While socks may seem like an afterthought to your getup, a whole article in Esquire was dedicated to the best wool socks for guys in the fall. (Probably because almost nothing makes people cranky like cold or wet feet.) Each sock is designed for a different purpose. Some are ideal for suits. Another is woven with “thicker-than-normal padding” so that it feels like a slipper. And the Penfield Sherwood Sock is promised to “look cool poking out over a fall boot” so that you can start mixing and matching your cool-weather ensemble.

3. Sweaters

Think of sweaters as your fall shirt — you’ll be slipping on a lot of them. In some parts of the U.S., you may even be wearing sweaters outside (and inside) for months after the seasons change. The good news about sweaters is that they let you hide the beer-and-nachos gut that we all seem to put on over the winter. That’s also the bad news about sweaters. Even though it’s tempting to snooze in when it’s nippy out, try these winter workouts to shred the fat so that your brandy-sipping session by the fire later that night feels well-deserved.

4. Coat

The key to a good coat is that it should be tight enough to fit your shoulders, but not too tight that you can’t wear a sweater or light jacket under it. During the fall, it’s probably a good idea to keep a heavy jacket and a raincoat around just in case. In nicer weather, feel free to show off your style — a leather jacket, a duffel coat or a knee-length trench coat, all coordinated with the right belt and gloves. Then top it off with a cleanup from BSG, which helps you “look crisp and fresh for as long as possible.”

5. Scarf

Yes, real men rock the scarf. A good scarf can set off your outfit, giving you a touch of class to complement a peacoat or slim-fit jeans. Too fussy for you? Go with the scarf anyway, but wrap it under a beard that’s been freshly trimmed by the pros at Barber Surgeons Guild. They’ll know how to keep it rugged or sophisticated — whichever pairs best with your autumn look.