How to Treat a Shaving Cut

Unlike our fairer-gender counterparts, there’s no legitimate reason that a man has to bleed. If you’re not careful while shaving, though, your face could end up looking like a scene out of The Shining. Shaving is an art that’s been fine-tuned over millennia, but most of us still manage to screw it up occasionally. When that time comes, here are some tips for treating the shaving cut.


An Ounce of Prevention

The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure,” was likely directed at something serious. But if we’re being completely honest, proper shaving techniques are pretty serious for most guys! By taking a few preventative measures, you might be able to prevent shave cuts altogether.

The best prevention is to just not shave at all. Not only will you avoid nicking yourself, but you’ll also accomplish that “primal” feeling beard-bard Trig Perez says you get from letting it protect your face. If you must shave, though, make sure you frequently replace the blade, moisturize your face before getting started and avoid single-blade razors.

Knock Out Minor Nicks

When it comes to treating shaving cuts, you’ll typically be dealing with small nicks or thinly sliced moles. While they may hurt like an S.O.B., they’re pretty easily treated. When you cut yourself while first starting to shave, you likely just grabbed a piece of toilet paper. But when you learn to shave like a barber, you use more effective methods.

One quick way to stop the bleeding is by placing an ice cube against the nick. This will constrict the blood vessels. Applying witch hazel will accomplish the same feat. If you don’t feel like running to the kitchen or breaking out the cotton balls, you can also just apply a small amount of Vaseline or lip balm to the cut.

If you really want to stop making these slip-ups, visit us at Barber Surgeons Guild. After all, surgeons train for years to avoid unnecessary cuts!

Grab the First Aid Kit

Anyone who wonders how to grow a manly beard needs to invest in trimmers. If you like having a completely smooth face, though, grab a first aid kit. While most cuts are minor, you’ll eventually experience a deep cut or take a chunk out of your face. If you manage to pull off this smooth move, start by applying pressure to the wound with gauze.

If five minutes of pressure doesn’t stem the blood flow, you can try pinching the skin around the wound or pressing firmly below and above it. These methods should cause the vessel to close up. Regardless of how quickly you’re able to stop the flow, make sure to properly clean the area afterwards with an antibiotic cream, hydrogen peroxide or iodine.

Just Go to the Hospital

Seriously? You messed yourself up so bad that the bleeding still hasn’t stopped? Dude, no lie – go to the hospital. Unlike the ladies, we can’t bleed for a week and come out unscathed. And yes, that was two period jokes in one article.

Beard connoisseur Seth Andrew takes time to remind people that growing a beard shouldn’t just be a trend. It’s got to be a lifestyle. The key part of that word is “life,” so whether you mess up trimming your beard or performing your own full-treatment shave to wipe out all traces of hair, don’t screw around and bleed to death.

That would be a really crap story to tell the angels.

It’s Life. Deal With It!

There are no two ways about it: You’re eventually going to slice your face open due to shaving. While that may sound intense, you’re better off simply viewing it as a step into the world of manhood. And though it may feel disheartening that 16-year-old adolescents are doing better at shaving than you, no one really needs to know if you treat that shaving cut accordingly.

Feel like you’re better prepared to be a man now? Great! Go get a few more tips over at our BSG Dispatch.