Long Hair For Men: How To Look The Part

Long Hair for Men: How to Look the Part

It’s not that easy to look the part with long hair. It takes a man who knows how to style, groom and care for his locks as they grow out. Here are some tips I have found to be essential for men with long hair who want to look and feel their best.

1. Extra care during the growing out stage

I always tell men that the secret to beautiful long hair starts at the growing-out stage. This is when the hair and head can have the tendency to look awkward. Whether you have a signature haircut in mind or want to wait until speaking with your stylist about the cut that looks right for you, this stage is crucial.

Take care to energize it with products that promote healthy growth. Use a vitamin-fortified shampoo, especially during the spring and upcoming summer months. Hair restoration products can do wonders during this initial phase of growth.

2. Wash often with both shampoo and conditioner

Don’t wait until your hair starts smelling and looking strangely to redo your shampoo routine. Take a tip from Brock O’Hara, who got famous simply for his gorgeous locks (and hot body, of course).

In an interview with GQ magazine, Brock told them his grooming secrets. “Shampoo three to four times a week,” he said. “Condition once. Let it air-dry.” We recommend using the Barber Surgeons Guild HCO1 shampoo and conditioner. It’s great for retaining moisture and energizing your hair follicles.

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3. Limit accessories to keep the focus on your hair

Let’s talk about success in the workplace. Your hair already says a lot and becomes the signature of your personality.

“The problem with appearance is that it translates to performance,” says Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn. “Even if your boss doesn’t think that they’re thinking any less of you, they will subconsciously think it.”

It’s not necessary to wear a lot of other accessories, or gaudy and bright clothing. Keep your tailoring simple and updated. People will still take you seriously on the job, but only if you know how to wear your long hair.

4. Get Styled by a Professional

Long hair can be cut and styled in a variety of ways. It can be made to frame your face, hide or bring the focus on certain features, or add life to your look. The best thing to do is ask a professional their advice, this is because there is a real science to facial structure and how it offsets or compliments the hair.

Lay aside your anxiety and have an honest chat with your hair stylist. Ask about hair implants, if you don’t have enough hair for long styles. Check the possibility of facial hair removal or other things you think will upgrade your appearance.

5. Stay Updated on Long Hair Trends and Styles

Some men may worry that growing out their hair will make them look old-fashioned or unkempt. The trick here is to keep yourself abreast of trends and styles. Nowadays, anyone who has a smartphone can stay updated with the latest in style and hair fashions.

Even if all you want is some inspiration for your own hair, track your favorite influences on Instagram, or get styling and grooming tips on your favorite mens’ blogs.

At Barber Surgeon’s Guild, our barbers specialize in creating signature looks for our clients. Expert cutting techniques and contoured hairstyles wills how off your best features. If you have any questions, would like to speak with a stylist or make an appointment for a personal consultation, call or visit us today.