Men’s Hairstyle Trends For 2018

This year refreshing your look doesn’t have to involve an entirely new wardrobe with a fortune spent on new threads. Consider spending 45 minutes in your barber’s chair to update your cut. As the world of menswear grows, so does the barbering industry. 2018 marks a time when men’s hairstyles are set to make a change. BSG spoke with leading experts across the men’s grooming and hair industry to sort through what to expect for 2018, and what trends will be left behind.

Say Goodbye To the Man Bun!

It’s unanimous guys, prepare to snip off your head knots. Celebrity Hairstylist, and owner of SFNY in New York City Scott Yance says  “expected rebel hair” is out!  “Once a traditionally rebellious style becomes mainstream, it’s quickly considered out of date.” Yance suggests instead that men looking to make a statement in 2018 should consider switching things up with a bit of color. Fun, new colors like pinks and blues are a trend to expect this year.

The Millennial Mullet

Gasp! Could the 80s be making a comeback? Believe it or not there was a period of time, known as the late-’80s/ early-’90s, when the mullet was actually considered cool. 2018 may be the year this retro style resurfaces in some form. New England-based hair and makeup artist Kashmir Asvaraksh predicts that men’s haircuts will evolve into what is ultimately a less structured look. “Men’s hairstyles have been very barber-inspired for the last few years and while we will still see a lot of fades, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more guys rocking a shaggy look and perhaps even (gasp) a mullet.” Considering current pop culture trends with 80s and 90s music and fashion making a comeback Asvaraksh says don’t be surprised at all to see the mullet become cool again.

The Buzz Cut

Typically associated with military cut, the buzz cut covers a variety of short hairstyles usually created with electric clippers. Some of the styles are seeing a rise in popularity such as: the crew cut, butch cut, flattop and Ivy League. Scott Yance has noticed a surge in demand for extreme cuts like this and is already getting requests for a lot of crops and undercuts. Otherwise, Yance says it’s all about extremes. “On one hand it’s fun, playful hair like Joe Keery from ‘Stranger Things,’ which is great for guys who want a fresh take on shaggy hair. On the other side of the spectrum it’s buzz cuts with military precision.”

Listen To Your Experts

Most stylists would agree that the most important element to the proper cut is listening to your barber. Even though its important to know what the hair trends are also it’s vital for stylists and barbers to guide men to what’s best for their hair type and their lifestyle. “That’s the key; knowing how to make your hair look its absolute best.” says Yance.

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