Q&A With Benjamin Veloz

Benjamin Veloz Jr., is a professional licensed barber going on 6 years plus. Born and raised in the streets of Inglewood, CA, for Veloz, growing up was strictly all about the hustle. Barbershops were a big influence in urban cultures from the haircuts, the music you heard and the styles you picked up walking in and out of the shop everyday.

“The barbershop was everything growing up, but it was also a visual into the world of being a boss. I’ll be cutting hair for the next 20 because I want to.  Barber life is a bosses life, barber life is a hustlers life, the barber life is my life,” – Benjamin Veloz Jr.

What gives you the most pride in the work that you do?

The freedom to be who I want to be. Nothing more to it than that. The fact that I get to just be me. Complete control of my life and it’s a damn blessing.

What’s your grooming routine?

I only follow California state board regulations. So that means only clean sanitized equipment ready for every haircut. There is never a routine in this game because every client is different. Every individual is unique in his or her way. All hair grows in different patterns.

How would you describe your style and why do you choose that look?

I did not chose who I am, life chose me. I’ve only followed its path and the opportunities it has given me. It’s been beautiful.

What and who inspires you?

Fighters. People that fight for what they want no matter the battle.

What advice do you have for people who want to achieve success?

Pete Carroll once said that everyone should have a philosophy in life, so I did just that and wrote one down and followed it. “Always a student never a master, a master only has a need for mastering one thing and a student’s is always and will forever be learning”.