Laser Hair removal

Unwanted Body Hair? Laser Hair Removal Has You Covered

As men get older, they often notice that they start to grow hair in places where they’d rather not have any. For most men, a little chest hair isn’t a big deal. In fact, some women find chest hair sexy. Excessive back hair, however, is another story. You don’t have to live with unwanted body hair. Barber Surgeon’s Guild’s laser hair removal services can take care of the problem for you.

Laser Hair removal


Why Men Want to Remove Body Hair

According to a survey taken by Treatwell Spa in London, male waxing has increased by 56 percent in recent years. Each man has his own reason for wanting to remove body hair. Some common reasons include:

  • Shifts in cultural norms that force men to rethink what looks attractive.
  • Pressure from their significant others to remove body hair.
  • Images from the media that show handsome men with little to no body hair.
  • Self-consciousness about taking their clothes off in front of sexual partners.

A lot of it comes down to sex and attraction. As men mature, they adultify their bedrooms so they can appeal to sexual partners. Some men even worry that having too much pubic hair could make activities like oral sex unrewarding for their partners.

If a man believes that hair is coming between him and sex, you better believe that he will find a way to get smooth.

Laser Hair Removal: The Most Effective OptionLaser Hair removal

Laser hair removal works well because it targets hair at the source: follicles. When you destroy follicles, hair never has an opportunity to grow back.

The experts at BSG use a laser hair removal process that integrates with Skintel Melanin Reader, an FDA-approved melanin reader that makes it possible to tailor the experience to your skin tone. BSG also uses Advanced Contact Cooling to make sure that the laser never gets too hot. After all, your comfort matters.

BSG’s hair removal process works so well that you can see results in just one session. Depending on the color and thickness of your hair, though, you may need to schedule more than one session.

If you have any reservations, then you should consider the alternatives. One company makes a product called the BakBlade. It’s basically a large razor that you can use to shave your back. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect opportunity to cut yourself? Plus, you have to shave the hair frequently to stop it from growing back. Imagine the itchiness that you will feel during the early growing phase!

Laser hair removal gives you the safest, most effective opportunity to eliminate unwanted hair permanently.

Use BSG’s Services to Look Your Best

In a cruel twist of fate, many men start to grow excessive body hair at the same time that they experience thinning hair on their heads. How unfair can life get? BSG has you covered no matter what services you need. When you schedule your laser hair removal session, you can also talk to a professional about robotic hair restoration and other services that will help you look your best.

Some of your friends will say that hair removal is silly. Well, it isn’t their body. It’s your body and your hair, so you get to call the shots. Luckily, you live in a time when you can make decisions about removing or growing hair safely. It’s all about looking your best. As long as it matches your ideal, it doesn’t matter what other people think.