Laser Tattoo Removal

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

As tattoos have become more popular in recent years, more people have also wanted to get them removed. A tattoo that seems like a great idea when you’re young could become problematic when you start looking for a professional job. Tattoo removals have become so popular that some doctors offer financing to make the procedure more affordable.

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of a regrettable tattoo as easily as you can chop off a terrible man bun. You can, however, use laser tattoo removal in Hollywood CA to create a clean slate.

Laser Tattoo Removal

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

When you get a tattoo, someone uses a pin or needle to pierce through your upper layer of skin. The ink pigment gets inscribed on the second layer, where it doesn’t get broken down by white blood cells.

Since your body can’t remove tattoos on its own, you will need to find a treatment that can target the ink without damaging your skin’s tissue.

If you’re serious about getting rid of unwanted ink, then you should book an appointment at Barber Surgeon’s Guild. BSG uses a laser tattoo removal process called PressureWave that can remove all colors of ink, including blue, green and even black.

PressureWave technology uses lasers penetrates the top layer of skin to target the second layer.

Many options for laser tattoo removal in Hollywood CA requires eight to 12 treatments. With PressureWave, BSG can remove most tattoos in four to six sessions.

The Benefits of PressureWave Laser Tattoo Removal in Hollywood CA

A lot of people are surprised to learn that laser tattoo removal doesn’t have to cause pain. The doctors at BSG use nerve-blocking techniques to minimize pain. Once the area has been numbed, it’s relatively easy to remove the ink without causing discomfort.

You can see how effective the process is by looking at the tattoo removal jobs by experts like Clean Slate Laser. Even if a tattoo covers your entire back, you can have the ink removed.

People find a variety of benefits in getting tattoos removed. Popular reasons include:Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Disliking designs that they got when they were younger.
  • Wanting to look more adult so they can appeal to romantic partners and employers.
  • Fading ink colors that no longer look attractive.

You can even use laser tattoo removal in Hollywood CA to create a blank canvas that’s ready for new ink.

Becoming Your Best Self

Many people feel like they need tattoos to express themselves, record life events and identify with subcultures. For them, tattoos are a part of becoming their true selves.

Not everyone feels that way. They may want to move on from the reasons that they got their tattoos. They may even feel like their tattoos prevent them from reaching their goals or becoming the best versions of themselves.

For these people, getting laser tattoo removal isn’t that different from booking robotic hair restoration. They want to look as good as possible, so they’re willing to take the steps necessary to reach that goal.

If you’ve been thinking about having a tattoo removed, you can talk to a consultant at BSG about your options. You’re not the first person to approach BSG about this issue. Our doctors can offer expert advice, help you create a removal schedule and keep the process as affordable as possible. It’s your life. You should be able to look how you want.