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Why You Should Be Conditioning Your Hair

Your hair goes through a lot every day. It gets exposed to the sun’s damaging rays, tugged by combs and brushes and blasted by the high heat of blow dryers. Not surprisingly, your hair can get badly damaged throughout the day. Luckily, you don’t have to let your hair suffer. Instead, you can rejuvenate it daily with a perfectly formulated hair conditioner that promotes hair growth, balances the hair’s moisture and keeps every strand healthy and strong.

The Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits of Hair Conditioner

At its most basic, conditioner is a moisturizer for your hair. Conditioner works a bit differently than the moisturizer that you put on your skin, though. (You are using moisturizer at least once a day, right? A daily moisturizer is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles and sun damage.)

Some of the short-term benefits that you get from using hair conditioner include:

  • Protection from towel damage.
  • Additional moisture, especially for hair located farther away from the root.
  • Repaired damage that prevents hair from looking dull.
  • Less static electricity that will make your hair stand on end.

Long-term benefits of conditioner include:

According to celebrity stylist Jenny Cho, volumizing shampoo and condition can also give your hair more bounce and body.

Although some of conditioner’s benefits happen immediately, you may need to wait a few weeks before you see all of the advantages. Just make sure that you apply conditioner after you wash your hair. Washing can strip away important oils. Your conditioner will replace the lost moisture to keep your hair healthy and attractive.

Hair conditionerFinding the Perfect Conditioner for Your Hair

The next time you visit your local drugstore or big box store, look at the ingredients included in the conditioners those companies sell. There is a good chance that you will find chemicals like formaldehyde, propylene glycol and sulfates. Avoid those products! They may make your hair look shiny and healthy for a while, but they often have negative effects in the long term.

Instead, you should look for a product like BSG HCO1 Edition Conditioner. BSG HCO1 Edition Conditioner was formulated by stylists and doctors, so it contains the ingredients needed to maintain your hair’s health.

Celebrity stylist George Papanikolas recommends finding a product that works for you and sticking to it. If you get great results from a specific conditioner, then you don’t need to try others. Order a bottle of BSG HCO1 Edition Conditioner today so you can grow strong hair and avoid the nasty chemicals that many companies put in their conditioners.

When and How to Apply Conditioner

Unfortunately, few boys get taught how to take care of their hair properly. As long as they wash every other day or so, their parents are happy. It’s no surprise, then, that so many men don’t know how to use conditioner the right way.

If you aren’t certain how to use BSG HCO1 Edition Conditioner, then you can follow these instructions for proper use:

  • Use hair conditioner immediately after you wash your hair with BSG HCO1 Shampoo.
  • Don’t let the water get too hot, or it could damage your hair while you apply the conditioner.
  • Let the conditioner sit for a minute or so if you have dry hair, but wash it out immediately if you have oily hair.
  • Rinse the conditioner from your hair using water that’s as cold as you can handle comfortably.

If you want more information about the perfect way to condition your hair, schedule an appointment for a Signature Haircut at Barber Surgeons Guild. Your stylist can show you the right way to make your hair look great with conditioner.