Laurent Augustin

Laurent Augustin

Physician Assistant

Meet Laurent, a Caribbean-born, Miami-raised, and now California-living physician assistant. Laurent has degrees from both the University of Miami and Florida International University, and has been doing hair restoration and aesthetic dermatology for nearly four years. Barber Surgeons Guild is ecstatic to announce that Laurent is BSG full time PA who will be performing manual FUE procedures, PRP and Exosomes therapy, and assisting our doctors during Robotic FUE procedures.


Hair is a passion for Laurent, handsomely illustrated by his own beautiful locks, which he attests is the result of a regular PRP regiment. His interest in hair was first piqued by a friend who jokingly asked Laurent to go into a career of hair restoration to solve their hair loss. Though the friend was not necessarily making a serious suggestion, Laurent had seen hair loss in his friends and family and understood the effect this can have on one’s esteem. He considered a career in hair restoration as a challenging, yet rewarding profession, and has been taken with it ever since.


“I love seeing patients grow and become more confident from when they first see the drawing on their scalp up to their one year photos. It is as if they transform into their ideal selves and having a part in that is beautiful.”