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10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs Scalp Camo

Scalp micropigmentation is pretty awesome in its own right, but alternative terminology, “scalp camouflage” (SMP) sounds so much cooler. Regardless of its title, countless men use the procedure to cover up thinning hair. But whatever you do, don’t tell people you have a head tattoo. It’s certainly inaccurate, and people will think you’re dumb.

I’m just saying.

If you’ve never considered scalp camo, it might be time. Even guys who aren’t going bald can take advantage of its benefits. In fact, there are several reasons that every man should get scalp camo.


scalp cameo

1. You Want to Get Laid, Right?

We might as well start with the elephant in the room. If you start to sweat bullets when wondering what to do as you feel your hair thinning, there’s a good chance that you’ve got the ladies on your mind. You might think that women will be less attracted if you’re balding, and we’re here to tell you – sadly – that you’re right.

As it turns out, hair really is important to women. In fact, a recent study shows that men with hair get five times more responses on dating websites. Having obvious thinning spots might not stop you from getting laid, but it definitely won’t make it any easier.

2. It Covers Up Your Stupidity

Were you a little too reckless during your younger years? Do you have the scars to prove it? Then scalp camouflage can hide the fact that you were a complete idiot. If you’re missing hair in a certain spot due to scar tissue, scalp micropigmentation can blend the spot in with the rest of your hair.

Many people also have severe scar tissue because they went the cheapest route they could find for hair transplantation. If you’re considering hair transplants instead of scalp camouflage for your thinning hair, check out what we offer at Barber Surgeons Guild. You could save yourself from the need for micropigmentation later on.

3. Early Hair Loss Often isn’t Severe Enough for Restoration

Miguel Gutierrez, also known as the Nomad Barber, recommends growing a beard while you’re traveling. If you’re in the early stages of hair loss, though, this will just lead to girls in both America and France smirking at your unbalanced coverage. Unfortunately, restoration procedures aren’t always appropriate for early hair loss.
If your hair is just starting to thin out, scalp camo is often the most cost-effective option. When properly performed, SMP will camouflage the fact that your hair is thinning. This will act as a long-term solution to those messy hair fibers, and it will buy you some time before a restoration procedure is needed.
The best part? Scalp camo doesn’t preclude you from getting a procedure done in the future if the need arises.

4. Sometimes Hair Transplants Aren’t an Option

What is robotic hair restoration? We figured you were going to ask. The answer? It’s a hair transplant procedure. Luckily, this is a valid option for guys who are experiencing hair loss. Unfortunately, it’s also not a valid option for everyone.

The fact is that donor’s hairs are taken directly from your scalp. If you’ve waited until too much of your hair is thin, hair transplantation may not be viable. Talk to the professionals at Barber Surgeons Guild to discuss your best option.

Additionally, maybe you have already had a restoration procedure, and are looking for something short of another one to give that final touch to make it appear a bit thicker. In these instances, scalp camouflage may be a great option for you.

5. No One Has to Know

You know how you call your ex and tell her “no one has to know” if she comes over for a drunken midnight tryst? It’s kind of like that when it comes to scalp camo. Unlike hair fibers, the micropigmentation isn’t going to make a mess in the middle of lovemaking.

And although expert hair transplants require minimal recovery time, scalp camouflage heals even quicker. So you can get micropigmentation quickly and no one will be the wiser. You don’t even need to cut your hair when using scalp camo for filling in the density!

6. We’ll All Start to Thin Out

Two-thirds of men will experience some level of hair loss by the time they’re thirty-five. Yes, it’s going to happen. Accept it now and plan accordingly. When this starts to unfold, scalp camo can nip it in the bud immediately. Sure, there’s a chance you’ll be in the minority and keep a full head of luscious hair, but let’s be realistic here. How lucky can one guy be?

7. It Helps You Look Younger

Social constructs dictate that having a full head of hair makes you look younger. I get it – that sucks – but don’t blame me for a sociological reality. Once you start losing your hair, your age really starts to show. After all, it’s only at the 35-year-old mark that the majority of guys have started to thin out.

This is going to make it difficult to talk your girl into that threesome – or even get a girlfriend, for that matter. Fortunately, scalp camo hides all those areas that would otherwise be glaring reminders that youth has evaded you. Appearance is everything, and if people can’t tell your hair is thinning, they’ll easily believe you’re still unaffected by the years gone by.

8. It Lets You Pull Off Difficult Hairstylesscalp cameo

Guys and gals alike head to the iconic hairstylist Garren when they’re seeking those hard-to-accomplish hairstyles. The man certainly works magic with what you’ve got on your head, but what if that’s not the style you’re going for? What if that goatee of yours looks perfect with just a bit of stubble all over your noggin?

If that’s the case, scalp camo may literally be your only option. After all, there’s no such thing as a stubble wig. And if there were, it would likely look ridiculous. Micropigmentation can give you the exact appearance of a closely trimmed scalp. It’s weird that the hardest hairstyle to pull off would be having too little hair, am I right?

9. You Can Get Back to Life

When guys start losing hair, their confidence bottoms out. This results in phrases like “something came up” and “I actually just enjoy staying at home” as excuses for not going out. I’ve got bad news for you: The problem isn’t going to disappear on its own.

If your thinning hair is causing you to be less social, people will eventually stop asking you to show up. Then what? You’ll just be some bald guy sitting home alone with his cats. Side note: Make sure to get some cats.

Fortunately, you can avoid this pathetic future by getting scalp camo. Stop sitting around and go do it.

10. Because We’re Lazy

If you check out any study on the subject, you’ll find that Americans are lazier than citizens of other countries. I’m not just saying this to be edgy or fill this paragraph with something interesting. Seriously, look it up.

The deal is that many hair restoration methods require lots of work on your part. The recovery times for some medical techniques are daunting, and preparing for surgery and proper recovery is just annoying. What’s the lazy way to do it? Sit down at Barber Surgeons Guild outpost, and have hair pigmented right onto your scalp.

It often takes three sessions over the course of a few weeks to get the best results, however; avoiding long recovery times and timely procedures, though, you’ll stand strong by your lazy heritage.

Hunting for the Perfect Scalp!

While it might not seem as exciting as hiding in a deer stand or going full Mission Impossible to steal a priceless jewel, camouflage for your scalp is still pretty cool. You’ll get many of the same benefits of more invasive procedures without all the – you know – invasiveness. Interested in seeing your other options or getting some tips on how to look better? Check out the BSG Dispatch!