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laser tattoo removal

Ultimate Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal

As tattoos become more popular, you can expect laser tattoo removal to become more popular, too. A lot of men and women regret the ink they got when they were younger. Whether it’s the name of an ex that you had etched into your shoulder...

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7 Must-Read Tips About Body Contouring Treatment

After losing weight, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. It can be really tough to look at a new you that you don't love. So why not try to better your look? Body contouring treatment could be the solution for you....

Applying Hair Serum

What Causes Balding and How to Stop It

Balding can rob you of your self-esteem and make you feel unattractive. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of men lose a noticeable amount of hair by the time they turn 35. Not all of them go bald, but most of them live with thinning hair for the rest of...

Laser Tattoo Removal That Gets Virtually Painfree Results Laser tattoo removal at BSG gives you a chance to correct past mistakes. Everyone who walks through the door has a legitimate reason to remove an unwanted tattoo. Many of our clients thought that they were stuck with their tattoos. After all, they got the tats for their permanence. When they learn that our PicoSecond laser tattoo removal service can eliminate ink without causing much discomfort, they can’t wait for their first sessions. To fully understand the impact of BSG’s laser tattoo removal, you need to know the history of tattoo removal and the circumstances that bring men and women to our location in West Hollywood. Laser Tattoo Removal Is a Recent Invention That Benefits Clients Greatly When you get a tattoo today, you can expect a professional artist to do the work for you. Artists like Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy will even stencil designs on your arm so you can spend some time thinking about whether you want to make them permanent. Well, he’ll give you that option if you’re Rihanna. He may not extend that offer to everyone. Back in the day, though, you didn’t get much service. Tattoos were often used to identify your tribe or an achievement. A few thousand years ago, you probably got your tattoo from an old man with a needle, stick, and some colorful ash. The Beginning of Tattoo Removal (Chop Off a Body Part) Tattoo removal wasn’t much better, if it existed at all. For the bulk of human history, tattoos were truly permanent. If you wanted to get rid of a tattoo, then you needed to chop off a part of your body. Are you switching to a new tribal group because you don’t get along with the other group’s leader? Get ready to lose a hand. Hopefully, the tattoos aren’t on your face. Duh, I Can Just Add More Ink! Over time, people found better alternatives to chopping off body parts. Still, humans were centuries away from the benefits of laser tattoo removal. At best, you could alter the tattoo by adding more ink. Hey, it beats losing a limb. Even today, many people with tattoos choose to alter their ink instead of getting laser tattoo removal. You only have to watch a few minutes of Just Tattoo of Us before you hear someone say, “Well, it’s bad but I can cover it up.” Watch long enough, though, and you’ll hear host Charlotte Crosby moan, “Oh, I don’t know how you’d even cover that one.” Rub Your Skin Bloody and Ink-Free The next advance in tattoo removal probably involved rubbing the skin long enough that you reached the ink. Find a strap of leather and get to work! That’s one hell of a way to get an ex-girlfriend’s name taken off your chest. The First Laser Tattoo Removals Were Painful! Eventually, some enterprising human decided to harness the power of lasers for tattoo removal. The lasers at hand, however, weren’t very sophisticated compared to today’s Pico laser tattoo systems. Getting a tattoo removed hurt really, really bad and require a tremendous number of sessions. Some people even got scars from laser tattoo removal. Imagine how much you must hate your ex to risk scarring! PicoSecond Laser Tattoo Removal is a Godsend Thankfully, today we have PicoSecond laser tattoo removal. At BSG, our doctors pair PicoSecond lasers with PressureWave technology. The combination makes it possible for us to remove tattoos without causing much discomfort. We can even administer nerve-blocking agents that stop you from feeling pain. You won’t get that at most spas. You need a clinician experienced with preventing pain and operating the laser. At other places, you’re lucky if you get so much as a numbing cream during your laser tattoo removal treatment. How BSG’s Laser Tattoo Removal Works BSG’s doctors have developed a specific protocol that makes laser tattoo removal more effective. We’ve invested in the most sophisticated laser technologies to remove tattoos comfortably. During your first laser tattoo removal session, the doctor will inspect your tattoos and create a treatment plan specifically for you. You need a unique plan because factors like your skin tone, the color of your tattoo’s ink, and how long you’ve had your tattoo can affect our approach. Our doctors use PicoSure lasers that generate faster pulses than most lasers. These ultrafast (one trillionth of a second) pulses, called Pressure Wave, can penetrate your skin and other tissues to target specific areas. The laser pulses can microfragment the tattoo ink deposits so your body can readily remove it. Since we can focus the laser, your other tissue stays safe while the ink gets obliterated. After your first laser tattoo removal session, you should notice that your tattoo’s colors have faded. Unless you have a small, light tattoo, though, you will need to come back for more sessions before the tattoo disappears. The good news is that PicoSure lasers can remove most tattoos within four to six sessions. Traditional laser tattoo removal can require as many as a dozen sessions or more. The conventional lasers also cause more pain. By choosing BSG, you get a more comfortable experience that eliminates your tattoo as quickly as possible. It Matters Where You Get Laser Tattoo Removal There are plenty of aesthetic spas in the Los Angeles area that offer laser tattoo removal. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all laser tattoo removal services are the same. When clinics don’t train their employees well, it can lead to a painful experience. Lauren Chan, a former fashion editor at Glamour, has made that mistake. You should learn from her story. While living in a small town in Canada, she visited a spa to have a tattoo removed. Unfortunately, the area didn’t have any plastic surgeons or dermatologists with experience in tattoo removal. She had to rely on an aesthetician who used an old heat laser. The untrained aesthetician burned Chan’s skin, leaving scars behind. The next time that Chan got a tattoo removed, she went to a dermatology group in New York City. That dermatology group takes a similar approach to BSG’s protocol. They took a medical approach that included the latest laser technology and supervision from a doctor. When you decide that you can’t stand living with one of your tattoos, make an appointment at BSG. Our medical team will answer your questions and address your concerns during a complimentary consultation. The Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal at BSG You get several benefits from choosing laser tattoo removal at BSG. Some of our favorite advantages of using PressureWave technology include its ability to: Treat multicolored tattoos, even when they include blues and greens that older lasers can’t remove easily. Work quickly on all skin tones. No matter how light or dark your skin is, we can remove your tattoos. Eliminate deep, black tattoos that you probably assume no one can remove. Remove tattoos that have resisted the effects of other laser treatments. Quickly remove tattoos within four to six sessions. Virtually pain free after quick numbing injections. Nitrous oxide available to manage any discomfort. As your treatment plan progresses, your tattoo will become lighter and lighter. Eventually, you will see a faint haze of your former tattoo. Maybe people find that PicoSure PressureWave technology can remove their tattoos completely. After we remove your tattoo, you can leave your skin clear or get another tattoo in its place. Your skin won’t feel more sensitive than it did when you got your original tattoo. We even know a few talented tattoo artists that we can recommend for professional designs at affordable prices. Reasons People Get Laser Tattoo Removal Every tattoo tells a story. So does every tattoo removal. When we talk to people about why they want laser tattoo removal, we learn all kinds of unexpected things. We’ve also noticed a lot of trends in the industry that help us understand why some people want their tattoos removed. Tattoos Have Become More Popular The number of people who have tattoos plays a huge role in the number of people who want them removed. When you have a larger population of people with tattoos, you can expect more clients asking for laser tattoo removal. According to one Harris Poll, 29% of Americans have tattoos. That’s nearly one in three people. Obviously, some of those people are going to change their minds as they get older. When they get tired of the tattoo, they go to places like BSG for laser tattoo removal. Several weeks later, it’s as if they never had ink in the first place. Many People Blame Youth When Harris Poll asked people why they wanted their tattoos removed, many of them said that they got their ink when they were too young. The youthful impulse to get a tattoo isn’t the same as the careful consideration that an adult gives. A lot of the people simply didn’t identify with the tattoos of their youth, so they wanted to remove them. Tattoos Can Lose Meaning Over Time A tattoo that seems obvious when you’re 18 can become ridiculous by the time you reach 40. A Deadhead who got a tattoo of a tripping, dancing bear during the Dead’s last tour in 1995 may feel differently about the image now that he’s 40 and has kids. The tattoo basically announces to everyone that you like dropping LSD and smoking pot. If you’re not still into those things, then you may want laser tattoo removal. At BSG, we can use PicoSure laser tattoo removal to eliminate the evidence of your youthful indulgences. Breaking Up Means Getting Names Removed When you’re young and in love, it makes sense to get your partner’s name tattooed on your body. You know that you will be together forever, so you’re not really taking a risk. A few years later, you find yourself staring at your bicep with pure hatred in your heart. You wonder how you could have made such a dumb decision. You have no idea how you’ll get another girlfriend while wearing your ex-girlfriend’s name. The only solution is to have the old partner’s name covered or removed. If you want to get back out there, then you need to schedule laser tattoo removal at BSG as soon as possible. Some people might think that fewer lovebirds get laser tattoo removal today than in the past. After all, the divorce rate has fallen 18% over the last decade. Don’t make that assumption. The rate has dropped because couples wait longer to get married. That doesn’t mean they have fewer relationships throughout their lives. In fact, they may have more because, unlike their grandparents, today’s young adults postpone marriage until after they graduate from high school and find jobs. Some Tattoos Deserve Laser Removal There are thousands of amazing tattoo artists in the United States. If you go to them, you will get a beautiful tattoo that turns your skin into a work of art. Unfortunately, not every tattoo parlor takes the craft seriously. If you pick a design off the wall of Uncle Charlie’s 24-Hour Tattoos and Drunken Good Time Parlor, then you probably won’t like the result. A lousy tattoo deserves laser removal. With BSG’s laser tattoo removal, you can create a fresh canvas for your next tattoo. This time, make sure you talk to several artists before you choose to get inked. It’s best to find a popular artist who will sit down with you to brainstorm design ideas and make updates until you create the perfect image. People Worry that Their Tattoos Make Them Look Unprofessional As people progress in their careers, they often worry that their tattoos will make them look professional. A lot of Millennials are getting laser tattoo removal because they want to get promotions. Oddly enough, their employers probably don’t care about tattoos. Sure, you might have a hard time getting a job as a teacher if you have Satanic symbols tattooed all over your face. Even professionals with full sleeves and other visible tattoos, however, can find rewarding jobs as police officers, real estate brokers, doctors, bankers, and judges. If you want to further your career without getting tattoos removed, consider jobs in information technology or restaurants. (The Harris Poll results support this claim.) Most employers in those industries don’t pay any attention to your ink. They just want to hire people who can do their jobs well. People Change, Tattoos Don’t Maybe one day we’ll have ink made of nanobots that can rearrange themselves on our skin. Until then, tattoos don’t change as easily as you do. In some situations, a person’s tattoos can drastically differ from his life and beliefs. Perhaps it made sense to get a white nationalist tattoo while you spent a few years in prison. A swastika gave you an identity and protection from other people in your group. Now that you’re living in the world, you realize that you’re carrying a serious burden on your body. No matter what type of tattoo you have, BSG’s doctors won’t judge you. We think it’s a good thing that you’re making positive changes in your life. We’re proud to help you make your outside match your inside. Preparing for Your First Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Once you decide that PicoSure laser tattoo removal at BSG is the right option for you, you can schedule a consultation to talk to one of our doctors. During the tattoo removal treatment, we do all of the work. You just have to sit there and make yourself as comfortable as possible while we use WavePressure to target your ink. There are, however, several things that you should do before coming to your first laser tattoo removal treatment. Avoid Sunlight Before Your Laser Tattoo Removal WavePressure targets ink by focusing on its color. The paler your skin is, the easier it is for the laser to find your ink and ignore healthy tissue. Make sure you avoid direct sunlight for about four weeks before your treatment. When you go outside, always wear sunscreen. Wearing an SPF-rated shirt and hat can also help protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Wear Loose Clothing for Your Tattoo Removal Treatment BSG’s laser tattoo protocol is practically painless. Still, you might experience slight discomfort shortly after your treatment. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but you should play it safe by wearing loose clothing that doesn’t rub against the treatment site. Take a Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever Our doctors will block pain signals traveling between your skin and your brain. In our experience, that’s the best way to make laser tattoo removal as comfortable as possible. But you can still feel a little uncomfortable. It’s not like we want to use full sedation just to remove a tattoo. You can avoid potential discomfort by taking Tylenol or another non-aspirin pain reliever before your treatment. Don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen. The drugs can make it easier for your skin to bruise. Take a Good Shower and Skip the Skincare Products Typically, we’re fans of skincare products. They can slow the aging process and make you look more attractive. On the day that you get your laser tattoo removal, though, you should skip skincare products. Feel free to use them on areas that we won’t treat. But don’t put any products near your tattoo. Instead, just take a good shower to ensure the treatment area is clean. Spend Some Time Relaxing We know that PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatments are completely safe. Intellectually, you probably know that, too. Even though you know the treatment is safe and pain-free, you may feel a bit jittery before your first appointment. That’s natural. After all, the idea of having a laser targeted on your body sounds a little unnerving. Take some time to relax before and after your treatment. If possible, take a few hours off work so you can come to BSG feeling totally chill. Schedule Your Laser Tattoo Removal at BSG Today You’ve hated that tattoo long enough. It’s time to get it removed. Get the process started today by scheduling a consultation with our doctor. We’ll give you more information about PicoSure laser tattoo removal and develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Laser Tattoo Removal That Gets Virtually Pain Free Results

Laser tattoo removal at BSG gives you a chance to correct past mistakes. Everyone who walks through the door has a legitimate reason to remove an unwanted tattoo. Many of our clients thought that they were stuck with their tattoos. After all, they got the tats...

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