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Ultimate Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal

As tattoos become more popular, you can expect laser tattoo removal to become more popular, too. A lot of men and women regret the ink they got when they were younger. Whether it’s the name of an ex that you had etched into your shoulder or a tribal tattoo from a tribe you know nothing about, tattoo removal can save you from your youthful mistakes.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo removed, you probably have a lot of questions about the process. This guide will answer most of your questions and help you choose a tattoo removal expert who can do the job right without causing you much pain.

PicoSure Technology Can Remove Practically Any Tattoo

Tattoo artists make designs by injecting ink into the second layer of your skin. The ink may fade a little over time, but it won’t go anywhere on its own.

Since your tattoo is located under your top layer of skin, you need a tattoo removal process that can penetrate through the upper dermis. BSG uses PicoSure to remove tattoos. PicoSure generates quick pulses of lasers that reach the ink under your skin.

The process works so well that it can remove any tattoo, including large ones filled with intense colors. PicoSure can even remove the black, blue and green inks that other tattoo removal processes find challenging.

It Usually Takes Several Sessions to Remove a Tattoo

Traditional laser tattoo removal usually takes eight to 12 treatments to eliminate all signs of ink. With PicoSure, most people can have their tattoos removed in just four to six sessions. You still have to schedule multiple tattoo removal sessions, but you’ll get your ink removed much faster by choosing BSG’s process.

laser tattoo removal

Getting a Tattoo Removed Can Cause Some Discomfort

The amount of discomfort that you experience while having a tattoo removed depends on several factors. Your tolerance for pain, for instance, plays a prominent role. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind some discomfort, then you probably won’t mind getting a tattoo removed.

The type of tattoo removal technology that you choose also plays a big role in how much pain you experience.

The artists at Chronic Ink say that they’ve seen people in so much pain that they “curse, scream, and grasp their partners’ hands while holding back tears…”

Chronic Ink obviously isn’t using PicoSure technology. The doctors at BSG use nerve-blocking techniques that pair well with PicoSure laser tattoo removal. Once nerve pathways have been blocked, you shouldn’t experience much discomfort. Many patients say that the process is virtually painless. It certainly helps that PicoSure only takes a few minutes to do its job.

Who Should Remove Your Tattoo?

You can get a tattoo removed without visiting a doctor, but why would you? In an article for Glamour, writer Lauren Chan laments that she’s gotten tattoos removed at spas that don’t employ medical professionals.

By choosing a doctor, you know that the person removing your tattoo has been properly trained to eradicate your ink quickly without causing much discomfort. You also help guarantee that nothing will go wrong during the process. Doctors undergo years of medical training. A spa employee without a medical degree may have only received a few hours of instruction. Obviously, you want the doctor to perform this important work.

BSG’s laser tattoo removal process will give you flawless skin within a handful of sessions. While you’re at BSG, you might as well schedule a haircut and shave so you’ll look your best when you present your new skin to friends and family.