Men’s Haircuts for Every Place Life Takes You

Men’s haircuts have changed a lot over the decades. At least we think so. There was that period when men were running around with powdered wigs on their heads. We’re not really sure what kind of styles they were sporting under those things.

Regardless, today’s men get to wear all kinds of hairstyles. Not all haircuts are right for every occasion, though. You’ll probably get the stink eye if you show up to your grandmother’s birthday party wearing liberty spikes. Unless you have a really cool granny, that is.

When choosing a haircut, you should consider what options match this specific point in your life. That way, you can get a haircut that helps you reach your goals.

Check out these seven haircuts to find an option for every place life takes you.

The Classic Pompadour Men’s Haircut

The classic pompadour has been around for at least a century. It started in France, but it became popular among men around the world when celebrities like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash started wearing it. If you want a more contemporary influence, look no farther than Brad Pitt and David Beckham.

The classic pompadour is a timelessly stylish haircut with buzzed sides, crisp edges, and plenty of hair left on top of the head.

You have some options for styling the hair on top of your head. With enough HC01 Pomada, you can get a sturdy, gravity-defying haircut reminiscent of John Travolta’s character in Grease.

With less pomade, you can get the floppy pompadour preferred by most modern men. It looks a little messier, but it’s still appropriate for school and work. Plus, the pompadour gives you the opportunity to adopt similar hairstyles by changing the way you comb and style the mop on your head.

The Undercut Haircut

The undercut takes a lot of inspiration from the classic pompadour. To achieve this haircut, though, you will need to keep the sides buzzed very close to your head. Maintain the look by scheduling regular cleanups from a master barber at BSG.

The undercut also keeps short hair on top of the head. You do, however, get to leave the front of your hair pretty long. This lets you sweep the front of your hair back over your head. Think of it as a stylish combover for men who aren’t trying to hide bald spots. If you have thinning hair, this probably isn’t the right option for you.

The Crew Cut

When you think of the crew cut, imagine a young soldier who has just gotten out of service. The buzz that he got a few weeks ago has started to grow out. Most of the hair, however, has regrown on the top and top-sides of his head.

The crew cut is about as classic as it gets. If you want to look sexy without turning off women who have traditional tastes, then the crew cut is the right choice for you.

The crew cut has traditional roots, but you can always give the haircut a modern twist. Check out the work of Mark Bustos to see examples of updated crew cuts. Bustos travels the world giving haircuts to men living in low-income areas. When he’s working out of his New York shop, though, he uses more flourishes. For instance, you can get a design cut into the short part of your crew cut, or you can get a sharp line drawn into one side of your head.

The Classic Quiff Men’s Haircut

The classic quiff men’s haircut shares some similarities with the classic pompadour. The classic quiff, however, isn’t quite as foppish and doesn’t require as much styling.

When you ask for a classic quiff men’s haircut, expect your BSG barber to cut the sides short and leave a few inches on top. Pop some pomade and HC01 Textura Linimento in that bad boy to add plenty of body to your hair.

The classic quiff is a great choice for men who recently noticed thinning hair. Yes, it’s a sad time in your life. That doesn’t mean that you should immediately give up and shave your head. With the classic quiff, you can obscure the signs of a receding hairline. Piling a few inches of hair on top of your head will also hide minor thinning.

Keep in mind that you can’t wear this men’s haircut forever. Once your hair things to a certain point, you’ll start to look ridiculous. You can trust the master barbers at BSG to give you a head’s up (pun totally intended) when you reach that point.

The Side Part Haircut

If you already have a classic quiff, then it just takes a few adjustments to give you a side part haircut. The side part men’s haircut is basically a classic quiff with a sharp line cut along one side.

Think of the Don Draper character from the series “Mad Men.” No, not the part where he’s too drunk to put together his kid’s birthday present. The part where he’s trying to look presentable to clients. That’s what a proper side part haircut looks like.

Like most men’s haircuts, you can alter the side part to fit your style preference. We see a lot of young professionals who prefer to keep their side parts clean. Then again, we’ve seen plenty of artists and performers who like their side parts with more attitude.

Check out Matty Conrad on Instagram to see some of the unique things that you can do with a side part haircut and other popular styles. That Canadian master knows how to personalize a style to fit any man. He’s also awesome at styling mustaches and beards that complement his haircuts.

BSG has master barbers that can personalize your style just as well as Matty Conrad. The difference is that you would have to go to Victoria, British Columbia to get a men’s haircut from Matty. For a BSG Signature Haircut, you just have to visit West Hollywood.

The French Crop Men’s Haircut

The French crop men’s haircut is an excellent option for men who want to look younger. The style gives you a close fade along the sides and bottom of your head, but it leaves a little more hair on top. The hair on top isn’t as long as the pompadour or even the quiff. It’s just enough to prevent the early signs of thinning hair.

If you’re worried that you’ve lost too much hair for a French crop men’s haircut, then you should consider BSG’s Scalp Camo protocol. Our Scalp Camo uses medical ink that matches your natural hair color. We add the color to your scalp to cover thin hair and bald spots.

Scalp Camo does require injected ink into your scalp, but it’s not as painful as it sounds. We make the process as comfortable as possible by numbing your scalp. We also keep a can of nitrous oxide around in case needles make you anxious. Hey, there are reasons that we have real doctors working at BSG. Access to some calming nitrous is just one of the perks that you get when you come to us.

The Slicked Back Men’s Haircut

Don’t get the impression that you can look good by grabbing a can of pomade and slicking back your hair. You need a specific haircut to really pull off the slicked back look.

Your BSG master barber can help you reach your slicked back style by tapering the hair on the sides of your head. The top can stay as long as you want. We recommend a few inches at most, but the length is up to you. Some guys manage to look awesome with long hair that they slick back. Most guys end up looking weird with more than two or three inches. You could be the exception to the rule, though.

A lot of the men who want the slicked back haircut like to wear hats. If you’re into hats, then the slicked back men’s haircut will make it easier for you to wear a wider range of styles. Obviously, we’re not talking about baseball caps. We’re talking about classic styles like fedoras, homburgs, porkpies, and bowlers.

Get the Perfect Men’s Haircut for Your Personal Style

At BSG, we know that you get to decide what type of men’s haircut emphasizes your personal style. We also know that a lot of men don’t understand what it takes to get the styles that they want. That’s why we provide guidance, not direction. We won’t tell you what to do, but we will give you suggestions that we think will make you look your best.

If you wanted a basic haircut, then you’d go to a corner barber sharp where an old guy gives everyone the same style. Since you’re at our website, you must want more than the basic cut. You want a men’s haircut from a master barber that has years of experience and keeps up with style trends.

Why wait any longer? Go ahead and schedule a Signature Haircut from a BSG master barber. When you come in, we can talk about your style preferences. We can also talk about your life goals and what men’s hairstyles fit your plans. We’ll give you the right guidance so you can pick the men’s haircut that’s perfect for the places that life takes you.