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Best Scalp Camo Options That Really Hide Thinning Hair

Your self-esteem can take a serious hit when you first notice thinning hair. Choosing a scalp camo option that really hides thinning hair can help you regain your confidence. By coming to BSG, we can help you choose a scalp camouflage option that works perfectly for you.

If you’ve just started to lose your hair, then you’re probably not ready for BSG’s Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration. You still have a few years before you need to take that step. Don’t worry! We can still give you solutions that will hide your thinning hair. We’ll introduce you to the best scalp camo options that really hide thinning hair.

The Right Haircut Can Provide Good Scalp Camo

When you come to BSG for scalp camo, one of our master barbers will give you a haircut that minimizes the look of thinning hair. We know it’s tempting to let your hair grow out. You think that having long hair will make it easier to cover thin spots on your head. The opposite usually happens. The long hair just makes the thin areas more obvious.

Some of our favorite ways to style thinning hair include:

  • The side swept look, which works especially well when one side of your head has thinner hair than the other.
  • The centered pompadour, which keeps the sides of your head cut close and leaves a bit more length on top. It works great when you add some pomade to give your hair a thicker look and more hold.
  • A messy fringe cut that adds volume vertically and horizontally.
  • The quick quiff, which lets you minimize the appearance of male pattern baldness without giving up the parts of your hair that still look healthy and thick.

Getting the right haircut can work wonders for men at the beginning stages of baldness. For most men, though, finding the right haircut will only hide their thinning hair for a few years at most. After that, you will need to move on to another scalp camo that gives you better coverage.

Vegan Ink Makes the Perfect Scalp Camo

If you go to a typical barber shop and ask them about scalp camo, they will probably tell you to try some of the products sold in drug stores. Most of these products are spray-on hair loss concealers that have a lot of disadvantages.

With spray-on hair loss concealers, you don’t get permanent coverage. Instead, you have to reapply after showering.

This scalp camo option also has the disadvantage of embarrassing you while working out or playing sports. As you sweat, the spray-on scalp camo can start to run down your head and face. It looks a lot like mascara that runs while someone cries.

Scalp camo that uses vegan ink doesn’t have these limitations, so you can look your best and enjoy your life.

Choose Micropigmentation Scalp Camo

After reviewing some of the best scalp camo methods, BSG has chosen an option that uses vegan ink and micro pigmentation to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

BSG’s Scalp Camo protocol instantly recreates the look of natural hair density by adding vegan ink to your scalp. We perfectly match your hair color to our biocompatible inks to keep your look natural.

Our Scalp Camo protocol doesn’t cause much, if any, pain. If you do feel discomfort during the process, we can keep you relaxed and comfortable with the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that we keep on hand. One of the perks of going to Barber Surgeons Guild is that we have a doctor who can use nitrous oxide safely.

There are needles involved. That’s how we get the tiny dots of ink into your scalp. We know that at least 20% of the population has a fear of needles. Even the toughest guy can get nervous when he sees a doctor approach his head with a needle. We keep things as chill as possible with nitrous oxide. If you feel anxious before your scalp camo treatment, let us know so we can calm your nerves.

The Benefits of BSG Scalp Camo

BSG’s Scalp Camo protocol gives you a lot of benefits that you don’t get from other methods. We chose our approach to scalp camo because of it:

  • Lasts 6 years on average, which is much longer than other treatments.
  • Gives you instant results. You walk out of our door looking better than you did when you came in.
  • Fills in thinning hair so you can style your natural hair however you want.
  • Boosts your confidence almost immediately, which means you can enjoy a better life with more career options and more sex.
  • Can be used to fill in old style strip scars from previous restoration procedures.

We take our scalp camo treatments seriously because we know that they affect your life.

Steps to Take After Your Scalp Camo Treatment

Our Scalp Treatment protocol will make your hair look thicker and fuller. It won’t however, stop your thinning hair from getting worse over time. If your hair has started to thin, then it’s almost certain that you will eventually lose a significant amount of hair. That means you need to prepare for future steps that scalp camo can’t solve.

Slow the Progress of Thinning Hair

Using the right products can slow the progress of your thinning hair. We include BSG Trichoanagenic Factor, which is formulated to promote hair growth, in several of our products. Give your hair a fighting chance by using our:

Most importantly, start using HC01 Suero capilar HC01. It has the highest concentration of BSG Trichoanagenic Factor so it will make your scalp camo even more effective.

In addition to using our products, you should follow Shanny Do’s advice about self-care. Improving your physical and mental health can lower stress. If you want to slow your hair loss, start exercising and learning to relax. It certainly won’t hurt to take a yoga or meditation class that teaches you how to lower the amount of stress in your life.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Encourages Hair Growth

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) occurs naturally in your blood. In fact, it gives your blood the ability to heal and stimulate growth. PRP injections act as a strong fertilizer that helps hair grow.

At BSG, we sell packages of PRP treatments to help you maintain your hair and save money.

Restauración capilar robótica

Eventually, you will need advanced robotic hair restoration to prevent baldness. At BSG, we use the latest technology to identify the best donor sites and graft them where you need them most. Over the course of several months, the implanted hair will fall out and new hairs will appear.

Robotic hair regeneration is our most effective way to prevent baldness. You have to lose quite a bit of hair before you try that option, though. Until you reach that stage, you should use our scalp camo to give the appearance of thicker hair.

Get the process started today by scheduling a scalp camo treatment at BSG.