8 Men’s Hair Styles to Try After Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

Once your hair starts thinning, you can’t pull off certain hairstyles anymore. Suddenly, the faux hawk that you used to hide the early signs of your receding hairline makes you look like you have mange. After you get an ARTAS hair transplant from BSG’s doctors, you can explore styles that you’ve avoided for years.

The styles that you try will depend on a few factors, such as the texture of your hair and how long it has been since you got your ARTAS hair transplant. As your hair becomes thicker, consider getting a BSG Signature Haircut that will bring out your best features and help you keep up with the latest trends.

Hairstyles to Try Immediately After Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

ARTAS hair transplants don’t give you immediate results. That might sound like a disadvantage, but the robotic hair restoration technique actually gives you better results over time. Unlike hair plugs, you won’t walk out of BSG looking like a Barbie doll.

About a week after your ARTAS hair transplant, the new hairs that your BSG transplanted in your scalp will start to fall out. A new crop of hair will grow in their place in about three months.

At this point in the process, you still want to try a hairstyle that looks good on men with thinning hair. Some popular ways to style thinning hair include:

Try a Side Swept Style After Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

If one side of your head has thinner hair than the other side, then you should try the side swept look after your ATRAS hair transplants before your new hair grows in. To get this look, you just comb the thicker hair toward the thinner side of your head.

Yeah, the side sweep is basically a combover. But it’s a combover for men who still have enough hair to make the style look good. Add a dab of BSG pomade to keep your hair in place. Otherwise, you run the risk of your thicker hair flopping out of place to reveal the thin side.

A Centered Pompadour Gives Your Hair Body and Lift

Since you still have thin hair for the first few months after your ARTAS hair transplant, you can add body to your hair with a centered pompadour. The centered pompadour pushes the hair on your head upward. Unless someone is considerably taller than you, no one will notice that you have thinning hair.

Again, it’s a good idea to add pomade to your hair. A centered pompadour won’t stay upright on its own. Give it a little help with a product that lets you mold your style.

You can also use a little HC01 Textura Linimento. BSG’s texture liniment will give your hair additional hold. Plus, just like our pomade, it contains BSG Trichoanagenic Factor that will encourage hair growth and give you faster results from your ARTAS hair transplant.

Hairstyles for Three Months After Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

About three months after your ARTAS hair transplant, your first crop of new hair will emerge. Now, you have the opportunity to try some hairstyles that you’ve avoided for years. Remember that the new hairs will start quite short, so you can’t expect to look like Johnny Depp. We’re talking about Benny and June era Johnny Depp. Not Fear and Loathing era Johnny Depp when he shaved much of his head to look like Hunter S. Thompson.

At this point, you can think about sticking to short hairstyles that will show off your new hair.

A Crew Cut Three Months After Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

Since you want to make the most of your new hair, consider adopting a traditional, short look like the crew cut. Depending on how long your hair is, you might just need to come to BSG for Signature Haircut.

If your hair grows faster than average, you can have your barber give you a classic crew cut by fading the hair along the sides of your head. The top of your head, where your new hairs are growing, stays a bit longer.

You have new hair. Show it off!

A Buzz Cut Can Also Look Great

If you don’t have enough hair on top to pull off a crew cut, then you can go for a buzz cut. The buzz cut is perfect for growing new hair because it gives you a chance to start over. When you get a buzz cut, your BSG barber will cut your hair to a uniform length.

A buzz cut could make you feel like your taking a step back. After all, a lot of people with thinning hair wear buzz cuts. Your case is different, though. You’re giving your new, thick hair an opportunity to start growing at the same level as the rest of your hair. Plus, your buzz cut will look better than the ones worn by guys with thinning hair because you don’t have patches of bare skin.

Thank ARTAS robotic hair restoration and plasma rich plasma injections from BSG for your new ability to look amazing with a buzz cut.

Hairstyles for Six Months After Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

Six months after your ARTAS hair transplant, you should have significantly more new hair growth. It’s like you never struggled with thinning hair or male pattern baldness.

Now is the time when you can start to have serious fun with your hairstyles. As your hair continues to grow, take advantage of the ARTAS results to explore a variety of styles for different lengths. Remember, from here the results only get better as the final hairs will come in up to a year after the procedure.

Image result for classic quiff

The Classic Quiff Will Show Off Your New Hair

Your new hair gives you a chance to try some of the sexiest hairstyles for men. That category includes the classic quiff. Countless celebrities wear the classic quiff. Leonardo DiCaprio wore one for years. Justin Timberlake wears it when he lets his hair grow a bit longer than usual. Freaking Elvis Presley made stadiums of women scream while sporting a quiff.

For a classic quiff, your barber will cut the sides of your hair pretty short while leaving the top hair long. Add some product to your hair and lightly brush it back. Pomade will hold the style in position throughout the day. Without pomade, your quiff will flatten within a couple of hours.

You may even want to carry some HC01 Pomada in your backpack, gym bag, or briefcase. That way, you can add more product during the day to keep your hair styled. If nothing else, it’s a good idea to add a little more pomade between work and going out at night.

Get Some Side Part Action

Before your ARTAS hair transplant, wearing a side part would make you look like you were, unsuccessfully, trying to hide your thinning hair. Now that you have thick hair, you can use the side part to look professional at work and sexy on dates.

The side part usually has a fade on one or both sides of your head. The hair on top of your head stays long. Your BSG barber gives you a clearly defined part by cutting a line on one side of your head. The line makes this hairstyle, so you need to know which side you want it on.

Try a Surfer Style When Your Hair Gets Long

Popular stylist Jason Schneidman usually rocks long hair that he pushes back to achieve a surfer style. The guy spends a lot of time at Southern California beaches, so his decision makes sense.

Schneidman likes the surfer look because it’s so easy to maintain. After you grow your hair out, just put a dollop of pomade in your hand and push your hair back over your head.

It’s that easy.

If you decide to keep long hair, you should come to BSG regularly for trimmed. You don’t want split ends to distract from your lovely, new mane.

Talk to Your Barber to Discover an Adventurous Style

Now that your ARTAS hair transplant has given you a luscious head of hair, take advantage of the opportunity to discover an adventurous style. Schedule an appointment to talk to one of BSG’s master barbers about a style that represents your personality.

Before you come to your appointment, think about some style aspects that you might want. You can find inspiration by checking out Julius Caesar’s Instagram feed. He comes up with some really original hairstyles for his clients. He isn’t afraid to take risks, so you won’t like all of his concepts. You might find a few pictures that appeal to you, though.

Save your favorite images so you can show them to your BSG master barber. You can use it as a jumping off point to develop your own unique style.

Maintaining the Results of Your ARTAS Hair Transplant

Don’t neglect the new hair that you got from your ARTAS hair transplants. You can take care of your hair by using shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes and repairs every strand. If you don’t already use hair serum, start now. HC01 Suero capilar HC01 contains BSG Trichoanagenic Factor, a special formulation that encourages hair growth and fights thinning hair. In addition, you should also consider some clinical strength long-term maintenance such as Low-Level Laser therapy and PRP injections.

Most importantly, enjoy your new hair. No matter what style you choose, know that you have the option because you got great results from your ARTAS hair transplant. Don’t take those results for granted.