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4 Celebrities Using Pomade for Cool Hairstyles

Pomade has played a special role in men’s hairstyles for centuries. Over the last century or so, using pomade has become essential for celebrities who want to maintain their hairstyles for hours, even when they’re spending time under hot stage lights and the public’s scrutiny. If...

scalp camo

10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs Scalp Camo

Scalp micropigmentation is pretty awesome in its own right, but alternative terminology, “scalp camouflage” (SMP) sounds so much cooler. Regardless of its title, countless men use the procedure to cover up thinning hair. But whatever you do, don’t tell people you have a head tattoo....

laser fat removal

10 Reasons Why Every Man Over 30 Needs a Laser Facial

Seemingly subtle changes can make a big difference in your life after you turn 30. You don’t have to accept the negative aspects of getting older, though. These 10 reasons why every man over 30 needs a laser facial should convince you to take action...

How to Train for a Marathon

Running a marathon gives you a sense of accomplishment, unlike few achievements. About 500,000 Americans run marathons and half-marathons per year. That’s just 1.5% of the population. If you can complete a marathon, then you’re one of the most active people in the country. That...

Face Care

3 New Techniques Guaranteed to Restore Your Youthful Face

Everyone wants to look younger. The older you get, the truer that statement becomes. At first, you may not mind a few fine lines around your eyes. You may even think that they make you look distinguished. Give it a few years and see how...

How to Assemble a Tool Kit to Tackle Any Household Problem

When you buy your first home, you also need to purchase some necessities that you will need to maintain your property. A house without a good toolkit is like a bathroom without the right products. It may seem fine at first, but lacking the right tools...

home brew

How to Brew Your First Batch of Beer at Home

Homebrewing gives you a chance to explore taste profiles and develop unique beers. When you start learning how to brew beer at home, though, you need to take a minimalist approach to the hobby. After you gain some experience, you can start writing your own...

Orgullo por su trabajo - Perfil de Carson Nicely

Pride In Your Work Carson Nicely lives live in front of and behind the camera lens. His work as an actor has taken him to the sets of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Other Halves, Nocturnal Animals and CONfessionals. He even played recurring roles on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show from 2014 to...

5 Products No Man’s Bathroom Should Be Without

5 Products No Man’s Bathroom Should Be Without How you stock your bathroom says a lot about your priorities and how you like to live your life. No matter who you are, though, you should have these five products in your bathroom. They’ll help you look...