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10 Reasons Why Every Man Over 30 Needs a Laser Facial

Seemingly subtle changes can make a big difference in your life after you turn 30. You don’t have to accept the negative aspects of getting older, though. These 10 reasons why every man over 30 needs a laser facial should convince you to take action and preserve your youthful appearance.

Feel free to embrace your vain side. You’ll give yourself a big advantage in life.

Most Men Start Getting Wrinkles Between 30 and 35

As you enter your 30s, your body creates less collagen, a protein that plays a key role in making your skin elastic. Without the elasticity from collagen, your skin becomes more susceptible to damage from gravity and sunlight.

A laser facial won’t replace lost collagen, but it will improve your skin’s elasticity. Get regular laser facial treatments to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as they appear.

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Botox Doesn’t Address All Signs of Aging

The number of men who use Botox has grown significantly over the last couple of decades. Botox’s ability to reduce the presence of fine lines and wrinkles is one of the reasons that celebrity Botox and dermal filler experts like Jacob Sanchez have thousands of Instagram followers. You only have to scroll through a few of his posts to see how well the treatment works.

Botox, however, doesn’t address all signs of aging. If you want to get rid of freckles and sunspots, then you need a laser facial. Botox can’t help you with those issues.

Get Rid of Acne Scars with a Laser Facial

Laser facial technology is your best option for reducing the appearance of annoying acne scars that may have plagued you since your teenage years. Now that you’re a full-grown adult, it’s time to reclaim your good looks by eradicating pesky scars.

Chemical peels promise similar results, but they can cause painful side effects. Check out the results that people get from places like My Skin Laser Clinics. You can see a reduction in acne scars after just one laser facial treatment.

Women Find Younger Men More Appealing

Looking younger improves your chances of snagging a successful woman. Do you think Demi Moore left Bruce Willis because he’s unattractive? He’s about as attractive as a bald man in his 60s can get. But when you put him next to a young Ashton Kutcher, it becomes pretty obvious who the good-looking guy in the room is.

Monthly Laser Facials Yield Long-Term Results

Unless you’re willing to go under the knife (yikes!), most aesthetic treatments don’t give you long-term results. Botox injections, for instance, make wrinkles less noticeable for about three months.

Monthly laser facials, however, can give you long-term results that keep you looking your best even as you enter your 40s and beyond.

Laser Facials Require Zero Downtime

Who would turn down the opportunity to look better? How about a man who’s serious about using his time wisely to build his career and relationships?

It would make sense for men to avoid laser facials if they required downtime. No one wants to miss a promotion at work or a business opportunity because they were recovering from a cosmetic procedure.

While some types of laser facials can cause peeling and blistering, BSG uses an advanced PicoSure FOCUS laser facial that don’t require any downtime. You can drop by BSG, get your treatment, and continue with the rest of your day.

No Pain, Plenty of Gain

A lot of men worry that laser facials will hurt. Granted, the word “laser” sounds a bit intimidating, and it’s easy to understand why you might shy away from having a laser blasted at your face.

Laser facials at BSG are virtually pain-free because your doctor or nurse applies a numbing cream about 20 minutes before the procedure. Most people describe a slightly warm feeling on their faces.

So forget what you’ve seen in Star Wars. The lasers used during your facial won’t cause any pain or damage. And instead of looking like a nasty Darth Vader, you’ll have the fresh face of a young Han Solo.

Looking Younger Helps You Keep Up With Style Trends

Most style trends focus on young people. The beauty and fashion industries don’t seem too concerned about people in their 50s and older, and once you reach a certain age, you’re expected to maintain a respectable aesthetic that doesn’t change much with the times.

That sucks for men who like to stay current with style trends. The reality, though, is that you’ll look ridiculous if you try to combine the latest hairstyles with a wrinkled face. The two will make you look and feel out of place.

Laser facials preserve your face’s youthful appearance so you don’t have to avoid new, sexy styles. When you schedule your next laser facial treatment at BSG, go ahead and reserve your spot for a signature haircut and shave, too. With a little help from your barber-surgeon, you can choose a new hairstyle that you couldn’t pull off before you started your laser facial treatments.

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You Could Make More Money

Here’s a fact that probably won’t surprise you: attractive men have more opportunities in life. And looking good isn’t just about hooking up with women; it’s also about moving your career forward.

According to psychologists, a phenomenon called the “halo effect” assumes that people with some obvious, positive qualities must also have other positive qualities. Looking attractive, therefore, means people are more likely to think you’re also smart, hard-working, and kind.

The halo effect has so much influence that attractive people make up to 14% more money than unattractive people. By spending a little money on a laser facial, you could seriously improve your salary potential.

Enjoy Getting Carded for Booze Again

Remember how annoying it was to get carded when you were in your 20s? That feeling changes quickly as you age. Suddenly, getting asked for ID at a liquor store or bar makes you feel younger and more confident.

There are plenty of ways to make yourself look younger. Add laser facials to your routine so you can look youthful enough that bartenders give you a second glance before handing you a drink.