The Right Time to Get Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Thinning Hair

The first time that you notice your hair thinning or receding, you will probably try to ignore the problem. After a few months, though, denial won’t do anything positive for your self-esteem or hair. At this point, you might start thinking about getting platelet-rich plasma injections for thinning hair.

For some men, though, getting PRP seems like a big step. After all, getting them forces you to admit that you’re losing your hair.

Because of this, it makes sense to learn about the right times for men to get platelet-rich plasma treatments at Barber Surgeons Guild.

How BSG’s Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments Help Grow Hair

When you come to BSG for a platelet-rich plasma treatment, the doctor will take some blood from your arm and place it in a centrifuge. This process makes it possible for us to separate the plasma from the rest of your blood.

Once your doctor has the plasma, you get to relax in a chair while you get several injections. If the injections make you feel uncomfortable, then we can give you a little nitrous oxide to calm your nerves and ease any pain that you feel.

Overall, you can expect the process to take about 20 minutes. After that, you can go about the rest of your day without any complications.

The platelet-rich plasma injections act as a fertilizer that encourages hair to grow. It will even help thicken miniaturized hairs on their way to dormancy. By getting the treatments, you can start regrowing hair and thickening the hair that’s still on your head.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Can Slow Receding Hairlines

When you first see the signs of a receding hairline, you can slow the progress by using products that contain BSG Trichoanagenic Factor, a formula that promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. All of BSG’s hair products contain Trichoanagenic Factor. For the best results, your daily hair routine should include:
  • Champú HC01
  • Acondicionador HC01
  • HC01 Suero capilar HC01
  • HC01 Textura Linimento
  • HC01 Pomada

If you can only commit to one product, choose HC01 Suero capilar HC01 because it contains the highest concentration of BSG Trichoanagenic Factor.

Although BSG Trichoanagenic Factor will slow the progress of your receding hairline, you can use PRP treatments for a more aggressive approach.

When injecting PRP, your doctor gets to pinpoint areas where your hair is thinning. If you have a receding hairline that’s common with male pattern baldness, then your doctor will target the areas of recession to stimulate the under-active follicles.

The amount of time that it takes to see results varies from person to person. Mehak Sagar at Peaches and Blush, says that she saw positive results after just 8 weeks. Some research, however, shows that some people don’t get the results they want until after a year of treatments.

Stay patient and wait for your hair to stop retreating from your forehead. When in doubt, remember that nearly everyone sees results within a year.


Platelet-Rich Plasma Can Regrow Thinning Hair

Not all balding starts with a receding hairline. Some men experience thinning all over their scalps. Others notice thin spots in seemingly random areas.

When you spot the signs of thinning hair, such as excessive hair in your drain or brush, then you can come to BSG for platelet-rich plasma treatments.

PRP treatments work great for thinning hair because of it:

  • Is a safe procedure.
  • Has a fast recovery period that involves little to no downtime.
  • Works for men who don’t qualify for ARTAS robotic hair regeneration, yet.
  • Doesn’t cause side effects like hair-loss drugs.

Even though thinning hair isn’t exactly the same as male pattern baldness, platelet-rich plasma treatments from BSG can give you the same, great results to give you a thicker head of hair.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Helps Maintain Your Hair’s Progress

One or two PRP treatments at BSG will help slow your hair’s balding progress. It doesn’t, however, offer a permanent solution to thinning hair and balding.

Ongoing platelet-rich plasma treatments can give you better results by maintaining your hair’s thickness. Many BSG clients choose to get PRP treatments every other month. During their off months, they get micro needling treatments that increase blood flow to the scalp and nourishes follicles.

We make platelet-rich plasma treatments more affordable by letting you purchase several at once. By saving money on a package deal, you can ensure that your scalp gets the PRP treatments that it needs to keep growing thick hair that makes you feel good about yourself and lets you try some of the latest hairstyles.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Makes Robotic Hair Regeneration More Effective

BSG Platelet-rich plasma treatments can slow thinning hair and balding significantly. The treatment does not, however, offer a permanent solution to hair loss. Eventually, your hormones and genetics will catch up to you.

When that time comes, you can still count on Barber Surgeons Guild to help you look your best. Our doctors use Artas robotic hair regeneration for clients who have lost a considerable amount of hair. PRP, however, also plays a roll in robotic hair regeneration.

BSG’s robotic hair regeneration uses the most advanced Follicular Unit Extraction to locate donor grafts without causing linear scarring. The donor grafts get implanted in your scalp where your hair has thinned.

We focus on finding the densest grafts that will grow the most hair. This process makes it possible for our doctors to locate, extract, and implant donor grafts quickly. A few numbing injections prevent pain during the procedure.

When we implant your donor grafts, we use PRP injections to fertilize the follicles, increase blood flow, and help the area heal quickly.

After a week, your new hairs will start to fall out. This is a natural part of the process that only lasts a brief time. Many of our clients find that their first batches of new hair start to grow in about 3 months. Our doctors expect to see results within 6 to 14 months.

Without platelet-rich plasma injections, the process could take longer. Thanks to the PRP, you can get faster results and start enjoying a full head of hair as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments to Benefit ASAP

BSG PRP treatments do more than give you thicker hair. Committing to platelet-rich plasma injections can give you the confidence that you need to pursue new relationships and move your career forward.

You also get to experiment with hairstyles that you can’t wear when you have receding or thinning hair.

When you come to BSG, make sure you schedule a time to talk to one of our master barbers. During the consultation, you can talk about what types of hairstyles you want to hide your thinning hair. You can also discuss the types of hairstyles that you’d like to try in the future when you have a thicker head of hair.

The sooner you start getting platelet-rich plasma treatments at BSG, the sooner you can slow your thinning hair. As a result, you’ll have a more youthful appearance, better self-esteem, and more opportunities in your life.

Don’t wait until everyone else notices your thinning hair. Schedule your first PRP treatment at BSG now so we can set you up with an appointment. Eventually, you’ll probably want to get BSG advanced robotic hair regeneration. Until that day comes, we can help you maintain your hair with platelet-rich plasma injections and a hairstyle that brings out your best features.