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What Causes Balding and How to Stop It

Balding can rob you of your self-esteem and make you feel unattractive. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of men lose a noticeable amount of hair by the time they turn 35. Not all of them go bald, but most of them live with thinning hair for the rest of their lives.

When you notice the beginning stages of balding, you probably wonder what causes your hair to fall out. That’s pretty much what every man, and plenty of women, think when they see clumps of hair in the drain.

There are several types of hair loss, so it’s not surprising to learn that there are also several reasons for balding.

Some Balding Happens Naturally as People Age

As people age, many of them experience a condition called androgenic involutional alopecia. Androgenic alopecia causes more of your hair follicles to enter a resting phase, miniaturize, and eventually stop growing gall together. To make matters worse, the hairs that remain usually don’t grow as long as they once did.

The combination of thinner hairs and fewer hairs can make it impossible for men to wear their favorite styles. Instead, they have their stylists cut the hair very short to make the thinning less obvious. Some men will even shave their heads because they don’t want the patchy look that often happens while balding.

How to Stop Age-Related Balding

Androgenic alopecia is common with aging and affects some people much more dramatically than others based on family histories of hair loss. That doesn’t mean you have to accept it, though. You have options that can stop balding and thinning hair.

BSG Trichoanageic Factor Slows Balding

BSG makes several products that contain Trichoanagenic Factor, a combination of ingredients that promote hair growth. BSG Trichoanagenic Factor won’t stop balding, but it will slow balding’s progress.

You can find BSG Trichoanagenic Factor in:

For the best results, use several of these products to keep balding at bay. If you can only commit to one product, use HCO1 Hair Serum since it has the highest concentration of BSG Trichoanagenic Factor.

Hormones Cause Pattern Hair Loss That Leads to Balding

Pattern hair loss that leads to balding is probably caused by hormones. Medical researchers, however, still have a lot of work to do before they understand precisely how hormones cause balding.

At this point, most doctors believe that androgenic alopecia, the scientific phrases for “male pattern baldness,” comes from a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, aka DHT. Yeah, that’s a long word that’s hard to pronounce. It only gets more complicated from there, so let’s try to keep it as simple as possible.

Basically, as the amount of hormone in your body falls, more of your follicles become dormant. Over time, the dormant follicles spread and you will start to notice thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Oddly enough, balding men tend to have thicker beards. Scientists really don’t understand that one, which is why they call it the “androgen paradox.”

The good news is that balding men and women still have living hair follicles. The follicles have just gone dormant. They don’t do their jobs anymore. The older you get, the less hormone you have and the lazier your follicles get. Eventually, you end up with a bald head even if you have a big, bushy beard.

There are other hypotheses that explain why people go bald. Right now, most scientists blame balding on (DHT) and other male hormones.

Using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to Slow Balding

When you first start to lose your hair, you may have a catastrophic perspective. More often than not, you won’t go bald over the next year or so. In fact, you may keep some of your hair for decades.

Balding, however, will progress unless you do something to stop it.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gives you a chance to slow the balding process significantly.

PRP is made of growth factors that your body uses to heal itself and stimulate growth. At BSG, our doctors use PRP injections to stimulate hair growth and slow balding.

To make PRP more effective, we take some of your blood and use a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red and white blood cells. Then, a doctor injects it into thin areas of your skin. The PRP encourages small, immature hairs to grow longer and thicker.

A PRP treatment only takes about 20 minutes to finish. The injections don’t even cause much if any discomfort because our doctors numb your scalp. If needles make you nervous, we have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) on hand to keep you relaxed.

For the best results, sign up for Clinical PRP Hair Maintenance to stop balding. Your membership will get you a PRP injection every other month. In between, you get micro needling treatments that increase blood flow to your scalp. The combination will keep your hair follicles healthy and growing new hairs for as long as possible.

Scalp Camo Hides the Early Stages of Balding

Camuflaje del cuero cabelludo, a special form of Scalp Micropigmentation, aka SMP, gives you another option to hide the early stages of balding. Scalp camo uses vegan ink to cover thin areas on your scalp. Yes, it sounds like getting a tattoo on your head, but it’s much more professional and effective than that. You would not get the same results from your local tattoo parlor.

At BSG, we have our master barbers and doctors work together to create the perfect scalp camo for your head. When planning your camo protocol, you can get a haircut intentionally styled to make your hair look fuller. The scalp camo will fill in the rest.

You can expect scalp camo to last about six years. If your degree of hair loss is too significant for scalp camo, then ARTAS Robotic hair restoration may be a better alternative.

Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration Puts Balding in the Past

As you can see, most treatments for balding focus on slowing or delaying the process. They don’t, however, tackle the problem and put balding in the past. You know that eventually, you will lose your hair.

Advanced robotic hair regeneration finally gives you the balding cure that you’ve been searching for.

At BSG, our doctors use ARTAS robotic hair restoration in combination with other treatments for balding to give you the most effective results.

First off, let’s eliminate any connections that you might have between robotic hair restoration and hair plugs. Depending on your age, you may remember the hair plugs that celebrities and insecure, recently divorced dads got in the 1980s. They looked unnatural. They looked way worse than being bald.

With ARTAS robotic hair restoration, our doctors use the latest technology to find the best donor grafts. They take these donor grafts, implant them on your scalp, and give them a big dose of PRP to encourage growth.

If you want to eliminate balding, though, you have to give the treatment some time. Robotic hair restoration doesn’t get the job done overnight.

Ending Baldness With Robotic Hair Regeneration

About one week after your robotic hair regeneration treatment, your grafts will start to fall out. Don’t freak out. This is a normal part of the process!

While you wait for your hair to grow in, follow some scalp-care advice from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. You can keep your scalp healthy by:

  • Using sunscreen to prevent burns.
  • Continuing to wash and condition your head to remove oil and dirt.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using moisturizer on your scalp.
  • Getting a scalp massage to increase blood flow to the skin.

In three months, you’ll notice new hairs growing in to replace the ones that fell out. Suddenly, your balding head looks promising again.

Give it some more time to see even better results. Within six months, most of our clients see awesome results that make them feel more confident. Suddenly, they become more optimistic and willing to take chances. They’re getting job promotions, meeting women, and having more sex than they have in years.

For some men, the results take a little longer. Within 14 months, though, you will have hair again. Even if you came to BSG with a plunging hairline, robotic hair regeneration can solve the problem.

In less than one year, you can go from balding to confident. It only takes one treatment from the doctors at BSG.

Life After Balding

Now that you know the main causes of balding and how to stop it, you can take action and start enjoying your life more.

Schedule a consultation with a BSG master barber to talk about new hairstyles you can try. Balding men can’t pull off certain styles. Now, you can keep up with the latest trends. We wouldn’t necessarily advise getting a Millennial Mullet, but we can certainly find a unique style that brings out your best features.

You might also want to take this opportunity to improve other areas of your life. Since you no longer have to think about balding, trying getting in better shape, using a laser facial to remove signs of aging, and getting unwanted tattoos removed.

No matter how you want to spend life after balding, BSG can help you look better than ever.