3 Ways That Pomade Can Transform Your Hairstyle

Not that long ago, men frequently used pomade to style their hair. Somewhere along the line, though, the product became less common. Maybe it’s because men during the 1990s Grunge Era had so much natural grease in their unwashed hair that they didn’t need products. (That feels like one of those jokes that might have some truth to it.)

Men’s style has taken a significant turn over the last couple of decades. Today, you want to look your best. You wouldn’t think about going on a date or job interview without spending time choosing clothes and grooming yourself.

The renewed focus on men’s style has made hair pomade popular, once again. If you haven’t already used pomade, consider these three ways the product can transform your hairstyle.

Hair Pomade Can Give You an Awesome Pompadourpomade

No matter what your sexual orientation is, you have to agree that young Elvis Presley was one sexy guy. A part of the entertainer’s charm came from his hairstyle. He wore a pompadour of epic size and character.

The pompadour runs with an interesting crowd of men that includes John Travolta, Johnny Depp and Bruno Mars. Even Natalie Portman manages to pull the pompadour off pretty well.

If you want to look as cool as those guys (and that one gal), you need hair pomade. Get BSG’s HCO1 Pomade to give yourh


air the texture and hold that it needs to maintain a pompadour throughout the day. You don’t want your pompadour to fall flat by lunchtime. Only a reliable hair pomade can prevent that and keep you looking great all day and night.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends recommends getting the most volume from your hair pomade by adding the product before blow drying. If you need a little more, you can always add it to your dry hair.

Keep Your Intentionally Disheveled Hair in Place

Intentionally disheveled hair can give you a rebellious, sexy style. It works for men like Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt, so it’s a hairstyle that you should definitely try.


A lot of people think that disheveled hair happens naturally. Unfortunately, you can’t just roll out of bed with perfectly styled hair, even if you’re going for the disheveled look. Adding hair pomade gives you more control over your hair to help you avoid “bedhead.” For even more styling options that will maintain their hold all day, add some texture liniment. It only takes a small amount of texturizing cream to take your disheveled hairstyle from homeless to awesome.


Use Pomade to Make Your Razor Cut More Impressive

Royal Fashionist considers the razor cut to be one of the most prominent hairstyles for gentlemen. If you’re not familiar with the razor cut, imagine a hairstyle that’s very short on the sides and has a little length on top. It gets it’s name from the sharp side part created by your stylist’s razor.

Since the razor cut style leaves you with a medium length on top, you need to use hair pomade to give it some volume. Even if you have naturally thick hair, you’ll need a little pomade. Otherwise, your hair will start to flatten within a few hours, especially if a hot day makes you sweat.

Hair pomade gives you a lot of styling options. If you’ve been rocking the same style for years, then you might want to get some advice from a professional before you decide which cut you want. At BSG, your stylist can give you advice based on your hair type and lifestyle. Historically, barbers have done much more than cut hair. You might as well take advantage of their experience to update your style and look your best.