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Body Contouring: How to Prepare, Procedure, and Cost

I wish I had the body I had back then.” It’s a common phrase uttered by women and begrudgingly thought of by men. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to get rid of certain areas of fat. Even frequent exercise oftentimes isn’t enough, but thanks to body contouring procedures, it’s possible to obliterate love handles and other spots that are less than appealing. Here’s everything you need to know about body contouring.

What is SculpSure Body Contouring?

Take one look at Frida Aasen’s Instagram and you’ll see a body that screams amazing. While you probably don’t want to sport this goddess of a body yourself, she reminds us that perfection isn’t easy to come by. After all, very few of us have the body to be a model. And while Frida didn’t need body contouring, most guys will if they want their own tight physique.

SculpSure Body Contouring is a laser procedure that essentially blasts fat cells away. When it comes to how laser body contouring works, it breaks down to “lasers heat up and destroy fat cells.” The body then uses its own natural processes to dispose of the cells. At this point you’re probably thinking of Dr. Evil’s “laser beams.”

Go ahead and push that out of your mind. The SculpSure laser procedure isn’t cutting through skin, and the process is non-invasive. In fact, you can immediately resume your daily activities. In the meantime, up to 24 percent of your fat cells will begin to fade away after each session. Whether it’s your belly, flanks, chin or another problem area, body contouring starts working instantly.

Preparing for SculpSure

Most of us have had medical tests performed that required not eating for 12 hours beforehand. Fortunately for body contouring, there’s not much prep work. Even if those love handles don’t stem from complete laziness, you can take a break leading up to your procedure!

There are a few things, though, that you should keep in mind before your appointment. First, avoid getting sunburned prior to coming in. After all, you’re about to undergo laser therapy. Second, don’t hand lotion or creams the day of the procedure. Well – at least on the targeted area. It’s understandable you might need hand lotion for something. No judgement.

Depending on your medical history, you may also get told to avoid medications like aspirin or blood thinners prior to coming in. This will reduce the likelihood of bruising in those who are prone to the problem.

What to Expect with SculpSure Body Contouring

Before you decide on body contouring as an answer for knocking off the fat, it’s important to know that the procedure isn’t typically for treating obesity. There are other medical options for this that would prove more effective. If you’re just one love handle away from having the Presley Gerber body, though, this procedure is right for you.

The great thing about body contouring is that it’s a short and simple process. Each treatment lasts less than half an hour, and they’re spaced out four to six weeks apart. Additionally, you typically can get full results from just two to three visits. During each appointment, it’s possible you’ll feel a cool or warming sensation. The doctor can adjust the setting on the laser to ensure your complete comfort.

As we’ve already pointed out, there’s no downtime following your session. After your final treatment, you can expect full results in about three months. Keep in mind that SculpSure is only as effective as you want it to be. If you fail to keep up a healthy diet and exercise afterwards, that pesky fat could find its way right back to you.

If you don’t like the sound of this, just equate the procedure to training for a marathon. Even if you press hard and get in great shape prior to the event, it doesn’t guarantee permanent results. If you become a slouch afterwards, you’ll lose your gains. The same holds true with body contouring.

body contouring

SculpSure vs CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting and SculpSure are both non-invasive procedures for body contouring. When deciding between these therapies, it’s important to realize that there are several notable differences. Many people see the time commitment as the most important. While SculpSure typically takes 25 minutes for up to four simultaneous applicators, CoolSculpting uses one applicator per hour. This can take up to four hours to treat your entire abdomen.

SculpSure also uses non-suction applicators with cooling plates. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, uses suction that can result in post-procedure discomfort. If you’re most worried about price, though, the fact that SculpSure is $350 per applicator, compared to $600+ per applicator with CoolSculpting, says it all.

Why’s It Take So Long?

If three months to an ideal body seems like too much, just think of how long you’ve been trying to rid yourself of fat the old-fashioned way. The four to six weeks between treatments is actually for your benefit. While it’s possible to perform the fat-blasting procedures closer together, this could minimize the eventual results.

It takes time for your body to properly dispose of these fat cells. Spacing out treatments gives it time to work. Additionally, breaking down the process into three sessions means you’re under the laser for a minimal amount of time. This results in less discomfort and the ability to resume your daily activities as if nothing has happened.

Perfection takes time. In the grand scheme of things, however, three months isn’t that long.

Cost of Body Contouring

Any medical procedure you look up online will have a variety of prices listed. This holds true with body contouring as well. Just consider differing local incomes, the level of education for licensed practitioners, the availability of such services and the differences between patients. All these factors can play a role in the eventual cost of SculpSure.

It’s also worth noting that prices can vary depending upon how many treatments are necessary. While most people will only need two to three visits, your body’s ability to process and dispose of fat cells could change this. When looking at national statistics, the highest amount typically seen for the procedure is nearly $4,000.

At Barber Surgeons Guild, you’ll receive three treatments for a flat rate of $3,000 for a specific area (e.g. abdomen). For multiple areas, BSG offers competitive bundles. After only two treatments, though, you could see upwards of 50 percent of pesky fat fade away. Your BSG expert will discuss all these specifics with you. And if you time the procedures just right, you’ll have the amazing beach body you’ve been working for by the time summer comes around!

Benefits of SculpSure

body contouring

You have more than one option when it comes to body contouring, but SculpSure has proven to have the best benefits. In fact, every guy who’s going for the perfect abs should consider this procedure in their quest for a Herculean body.

Of course, there’s more than just the 24 percent fat loss per procedure that stands out. Here are just a few of the benefits of SculpSure that people are constantly “writing home about.”

  • Effective all over: SculpSure was originally FDA-cleared to target your waistline, but things have changed over the years. Your thighs, face, chin and even back can be your focus. Do you have those annoying rolls at the sides of your back? Body contouring has you covered.
  • Safety first: Body contouring isn’t some magical snake oil treatment for extra fat. It’s an FDA-cleared procedure that’s gained popularity due to its safety. No incisions and a non-invasive process means you don’t have to call your mommy to calm you down prior to coming in.
  • Permanent results: If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll never have to worry about having another procedure. Fat cells don’t just grow back. Once they’re gone, they’ll stay gone unless you slip up and create more.
  • Visual appeal: Have you ever lost 5 lbs and seen zero visible results? This isn’t a concern you need to have with body contouring. The entire point is to zap the cells that make up those unwanted pockets of fat. Once your regimen is over, you’ll see visible results that look stellar.
  • Skin tone doesn’t matter: Unlike some medical procedures, your skin tone will not hinder the body contouring process. The lasers attack the fat cells. They do not affect your muscles or skin tissue.

The benefits of body contouring are numerous. If you’re a good candidate for the procedure, it can literally change your life. Grab a few extra tips on looking great after the process from the Revista while you’re at it!

The Body Contouring Pros You Need!

SculpSure is one of the best non-invasive methods for getting rid of that stubborn extra flab that just won’t go away. Body contouring procedures have evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years, but you still need to ensure you use an experienced medical professional.

The experts at Barber Surgeons Guild have undergone extensive training and spent countless hours performing the procedure. Make sure you also check out the other services provided by BSG. When you want to look your best, they’re essentially a one-stop shop!