laser body contouring

Does Laser Body Contouring work?

Even if you exercise and follow a balanced diet, you may notice that you have some problem areas that fat refuses to leave. For many men, those problem areas include the abdomen, under the chin and thighs. No matter what you do, you can’t slim those areas.

Stubborn fat can prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. For instance, you may resist going to the beach with friends because you don’t want people to see your love handles. In the long-term, stubborn fat could make you give up on your healthy lifestyle. If you don’t get the results that you want, then what’s the point of eating well and working out?

Body contouring gives you an opportunity to target problem areas so you can get the body that you want. After a few sessions, you could feel more confident and attractive. Of course, a lot of men wonder whether body contouring really works.

laser body contouring

How Body Contouring Targets Stubborn Fat

Laser body contouring uses a low-energy laser to target fat cells under your skin. As the laser increases the temperature of those fat cells, they start to break down. Once they’re broken down, your body can eliminate them.

Heat is the what makes laser body contouring work. Most people who undergo the procedure say that they experience a warm feeling. You don’t have to worry about the laser getting too hot, though, because cooling techniques are used to keep you comfortable throughout the process.

Many people like body contouring because it’s a non-invasive way to remove fat. Studies show that the lasers can destroy up to 24 percent of fat cells during a 25-minute treatment. The Australian specialists at Body Catalyst have plenty of images showing how quickly men and women can get results from body contouring. It’s rather impressive.

The Limitations of Body Contouringlaser body contouring

If you have problem areas that you want to target, then you should schedule your laser body contouring and fat removal appointment. Keep in mind, though, that body contouring works best for people who eat well and get plenty of exercise. If you’re obese or overweight, then body contouring probably isn’t the right option for you. Instead, you should focus on diet and exercise.

According to renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber, exercise and dieting don’t always make it possible for people to reach their goals. Even if you follow an exercise regimen designed to shred fat, you may still have love handles that refuse to go away.

Body contouring is designed to target the areas that exercise and proper diet can’t address. If you’re doing all that you can to look your best, then body contouring is probably a good option for you.

Looking as Good as Possible

Everyone wants to look as good as possible. Barber Surgeon’s Guild offers a variety of services to help you reach your goal. After you use body contouring to get your body in shape, you can schedule a session of laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair.

There aren’t that many potential romantic partners eyeing your back hair. At least not in a positive way.

You can also address issues like thinning hair and wrinkles.

Even though the process is safe, it’s normal for you to feel nervous about body contouring. When you book an appointment at BSG, you get a clinical consultation that will address your concerns. Laser body contouring works well for most people. If our doctors don’t think it’s the right option for you, then they will help you find other ways to reach your fitness and aesthetic goals.

After all, no one wants you to try a procedure that you don’t want. It’s BSG’s goal to make you look as good as possible in ways that also make you feel comfortable.