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Men’s Hairstyle Tips: How to Get Disheveled Hair

There’s one men’s hairstyle that’s never gone out of fashion: the disheveled-hair look. It is one of the most natural ones out there. But while it looks easy, it can be a bit of a challenge to pull off, much like the gorgeous women who show up with the “bed-head” look, amazing us all with their grace and casual grunge. It’s as if they just woke up and are enjoying the best of life. In reality, those of us who know, know that they pondered long and hard in front of the mirror and styling products to look this way.

The male version of this looks nearly as effortless but does require some time and the perfect hair product.

How to Get the Disheveled Men’s Hairstyle

mens hairstyle

The great thing is that, no matter what age or occupation you have, the disheveled men’s hairstyle look can be very attractive, if done right.

If your hair is in the growing-out stage, this is a perfect look. You can play it down or update it with a tinge of bold color. One thing’s for sure: this style’s got character.

Social-media influencer Rudy Mancuso,= knows a thing or two about hairstyles that rock.

“No one wants to appear as if they’re trying really hard to look a certain way,” he says. “The idea of establishing one’s style can be intimidating.”

Mancuso’s Instagram fan base of over 4.2 million followers includes close friend Justin Bieber. They’ve seen his style grow and mature, but he does a disheveled look at times, because it’s practical.

Influencers, whose every move is photographed, can easily wear the disheveled look, because they can also wear beanies, hats, casual or formal wear with this cut and style. It’s pretty versatile.

Tips for Pulling Off the Disheveled Look

If you want to go for this look, have a chat with your stylist. Because, even though it hardly looks it, the right cut can make all the difference.

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For example, men with rounder faces who want to rock the disheveled look should ask their barber for slightly tapered cuts on the framing hairs on the side of their faces and near the jawline.

Your stylist can make the cut so that it is proportionate to your face, and suits your shape and facial bone structure.

If cut with a sharp razor, this will accentuate natural movement, exactly what you want to be going for.

To avoid a fluffy, puffy look, ask your stylist for a bit of texture when cutting, which will help your locks maintain their density and give the appearance of fullness and healthiness. The last thing you want to look like is straggly and bummish!

A disheveled cut can also be styled back, with the right hair pomadeOn days or nights when you are going for a more formal look, it can be pulled back in a half-ponytail ala young men’s style influencer, Brooklyn Beckham.

To get this men’s hairstyle right, use our shampoo and conditioner and texture liniment. All the products have the Trichoanagenic Blend.

Getting Tips From Your Stylist

Whether you are going for disheveled hair, a crew cut or straight-razor shave, talking with a personal stylist (or friendly barber) makes a huge difference in the outcome.

At BSG, we treat your hair like the masterpiece is it, using our expertise and knowledge of hair and fashion to give you the cut, look and style that will make you feel amazing.

For more tips and hairstyling tricks, check out the BSG blog, or pay us a visit in person.