What are pomades

Pomade: What is Water-Based Pomade?

Men have used a variety of pomades throughout history. At one time, men would style their hair with a product made from bear fat. Bear fat may have given men the hold that they wanted for their hairstyles, but can you imagine how that must have smelled on a hot day? It’s stomach-churning to think about.

It didn’t take long before companies started using better ingredients to make pomade. Popular options included beeswax and petroleum jelly. The idea of smearing petroleum jelly into your hair probably doesn’t sound too appealing. Such are the lengths that stylish men will go to for a perfectly sculpted pompadour.


Luckily, you don’t have to choose between a variety of disgusting pomades. Today’s companies focus on water-based and wax-based pomades. Before you start using pomade, you should learn about the benefits and disadvantages of these products. You’ll also need to take advice from experts who have years of experience using pomade to style men’s hair.

The Pros and Cons of Wax-Based Pomade

Now that people have dismissed strange pomade ingredients, you’re left to decide between wax-based and water-based pomade. You get pros and cons from each option.

Waxy pomade will give your hair a thicker feel while making it easier for you to sculpt your style. It’s a great option if you need your pomade to hold a pompadour all day and night without reapplying.

Unfortunately, wax-based pomade may clog your scalp’s pores, which could lead to thinning hair. The wax also makes this type of pomade feel heavier and greasier than water-based pomade. A woman who thinks your style is incredibly hot may change her mind when she tries to run her fingers through your greasy hair.

Mister Pompadour warns that wax-based pomade can lead to the “greaser” look of the 1950s. That’s awesome if you’re a young John Travolta. In 2018, though, there’s a possibility that someone will think that you’re heading to an audition of the latest Grease revival.

The Advantages of Water-Based Pomade

Water-based options like BSG’s HCO1 Pomade will give your hair a lighter feel. Not surprisingly, the pomade is easy to wash out. Also, it doesn’t clog your pores, so you can keep your scalp healthy.

The downside to water-based pomade is that it may not hold your style as well throughout the day. Instead, you may need to reapply some pomade between work and heading out on the town. Some men see this as an advantage because it lets them change from the traditional hairstyle that they use to look professional at work to a wilder style that gets them attention while socializing.pomade

Water-based pomade also makes it easier for you to use other types of products in your hair. You can get awesome results from mixing HCO1 Pomade with HC01 Suero capilar HC01.

How to Apply Pomade

Ultimately, you get to decide which pomade you like more. Once you find a product that you like, you need to learn how to apply pomade correctly.

GQ writer, Jake Woolf, offers several tips in his guide to applying pomade. Woolf recommends:

  • Applying pomade while your hair is still a little damp.
  • Starting with a small amount to see how your hair responds.
  • Massaging the pomade into your hair like you would shampoo, making sure to get close to the roots.
  • Adding an extra dab of pomade as needed while you style your hair.
  • Using a comb to create a wave on top of your head.
  • Paying attention to the back of your head so you look good from all directions.

Pomade should play a crucial role in your hairstyle routine. If you’re still not sure how pomade can work for you, schedule an appointment with a BSG Master Barber. Your stylist will give you plenty of tips that will keep you looking your best at all times.