Hair Care Regimen

The Most Essential Products for Your Hair Care Regimen

If you’re going to keep up with the latest hairstyle trends for men, then you need to have a few essential products for your hair care regimen. Start by stocking up on these four products. They’ll keep you healthy and looking your best.

A Natural Shampoo That Doesn’t Contain Parabens

Most of the shampoos that you can buy at your local drug store contain parabens. Some companies put parabens in their products to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing. From a CEO’s perspective, it makes sense to protect products by adding parabens.

Hair care regimen

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According to numerous authorities, though, people should avoid parabens. In a Q&A for Scientific AmericanRoddy Scheer and Doug Moss of EarthTalk write that “what worries public health advocates is that while individual products may contain limited amounts of parabens within safe limits set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), cumulative exposure to the chemicals from several different products could be overloading our bodies and contributes to a wide range of health problems.”

These health problems include increased risk of cancer and reduced sperm counts. Not exactly things that you want to take lightly.

You can avoid parabens by getting HCO1 Shampoo from BSG. It only includes natural ingredients that will gently clean your hair without putting your health at risk.

A Conditioner That Moisturizes Your Scalp and Hair

No one wants an itchy scalp that sheds dead skin cells. If you avoid black shirts because you don’t want people to notice your dandruff, then you need to choose a hair product that will moisturize your scalp.

Most men get the results that they need from BSG’s HCO1 Conditioner. Use BSG’s conditioner to moisturize your hair and your scalp. You should notice that your dandruff disappears within a couple of weeks.

If you still have dandruff after using HCO1 Conditioner, then you may need to talk to your doctor about a more aggressive solution, such as prescription shampoos designed to kill the fungus that can cause dandruff.

A Pomade That Doesn’t Weigh Down Your Hair

Pomade makes it possible for you to shape and style your hair exactly how you want it. You can’t have a pompadour without a reliable pomade.pomade

Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t know how to choose a pomade that works well for them. Start by avoiding waxy pomades that can weigh down your hair and clog your pores.

It’s better to use a water-based product like HCO1 Pomade. It will give you the hold that you want without making your hair look wet and heavy.

If you’re already using a waxy pomade, switch to HCO1 Pomade. You won’t believe how much better it feels to use a water-based product. Plus, you don’t have to worry about turning women off with your greasy hair.

A Pocket Comb for Hair Maintenance

Whether you spend your days outside or in an office, your hair will need a little maintenance around lunchtime. Carrying a pocket comb makes it easy for you to put your hair back in place so you don’t look like a slob after noon.

Alex Bracetti, a writer for AskMen, recommends using a comb made from metal, carbon, horn, natural plastic or wood. Don’t accept cheap plastic combs. They’re not worth buying.

The advantage of carrying pocket combs, other than their portability, is that they have “one section reserved for fine teeth and the other for wide teeth.” That means they’ll work well for any hairstyle.

If you still have questions about the best hair products for you, schedule a consultation with one of BSG’s Master Barbers. You’ll get professional instructions that will improve your hair’s health and appearance.