These Signs of Balding Can Be Reversed

Statistically speaking, two-thirds of men will experience hair loss by the time they turn 35. Of course, this means nothing to most of us until we become part of the statistic. Thinning hair was a life sentence to low self esteem just a few years back, but hair restoration advancements have changed this. Drastically. That’s why you should de-stress (more on that later) and recognize the signs of balding that you can reverse.

Reversible Signs of Balding

Going bald is sometimes a slow and steady process. In other cases, it just slaps you in the face out of nowhere. It can even develop right under your nose. Well, on your crown. It’s hard to notice thinning up there. Regardless of your specific situation, these are the signs of balding you have the opportunity to reverse.

Changing or Receding Hairline

Changes to your hairline are often the first sign that you’re going bald. This is interesting since it’s not always the first symptom to pop up. It just so happens to be the most obvious. The process will begin at the frontal line of your scalp. It may simply make its way backwards in a straight line or start to form a widow’s peak on its way.

If you’re concerned your hairline might be changing, there are ways you can be sure. Take a moment to compare two photos of yourself from a year apart. With Facebook out there, this shouldn’t be a difficult task. If being a hipster or complete weirdo has resulted in you not having a social media presence, start taking monthly selfies and comparing them.

Excessive Hairs on Towel/Floor/Anywhere

Did you know that it’s completely normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair daily? This means all that worrying you experienced over a few strands in your tub or towel may have been pointless. If they exceed 125 per day, though, it’s a sign that you may be going bald.

When Amber Fillerup Clark noticed too much hair on her pillow after childbirth, she turned the experience into a huge business selling extensions. Even if your girlfriend would love these, though, it’s probably not the route you want to take. Fortunately, this is one of the many signs of balding that is reversable without wigs or extensions to hide anything.

P.S. You’re likely wondering how you’re supposed to know if you lost more than 125 strands in a day. Please don’t try to count them. Just make an educated guess.

Noticeable Thinning

Not everyone walks down the same path to going bald. While many people will experience a receding hairline, others will encounter diffuse thinning. This occurs when hair loss targets specific parts or the entirety of your scalp. Our hair follicles grow in cycles, and when something interrupts this cycle, you will see visible thinning.

Unfortunately, many men don’t recognize what’s going on until they see their scalp. Just like with a receding hairline, though, you can compare pictures to be sure. Unless you’re 6’6″ tall like me and no one ever sees or photographs the crown of your head. Trust me, that discovery was a shock. Unexpected sunburn on your head is no fun.

If you notice thinning now, check out the full line of Barber Surgeons Guild hair care products optimized for fuller looking hair.


Genetics Kicks You Where It Hurts

If you’re worried about balding, it only makes sense to pay attention to your own scalp. Right? Wrong! In reality, taking a look around at the family reunion can serve as an early warning sign. Traditional thinking has long blamed the mother for passing on the balding gene – even if it didn’t affect her. Recent research has proven that the reality is more complex.

The fact is that genes from both sides of your family can have a direct effect on your likelihood of going bald. Take a look at that gallery wall you’ve been building. Does an older photo of Papa Badass from WWII show a much fuller head of hair? Then you might be in trouble.

Hey, at least you know the risks beforehand. This can help you fight off balding like Pops did the Nazis.

Hair Styling Issues

Is your hair not working with you anymore? Has your normal style been more difficult to finish? This often serves as an early sign of male pattern balding. Styles that require full and thick hair will suddenly fall flat. Have you been rocking a ponytail for years that’s suddenly lighter? What about a widening part?

Many of these warning signs will show up prior to other symptoms. Fortunately, this presents another early opportunity to attack the problem head on. If you’re getting suspicious, check out the Revista for hairstyling tips to hold you over until you have a permanent plan.

Temporary Hair Loss

If you’re especially fortunate, your hair loss will only be temporary. There are numerous causes for temporary hair loss. Identifying these issues will help you correct the problem. Here are a few of the root causes:

  • Physical or emotional stress: Did your dog just die? Are you training for a marathon after sitting on your backside for two years? Dealing with emotional or physical stress can result in temporary balding.
  • Hair assault: Is a flat iron an essential aspect to your styling? What about chemicals that straighten or dye your hair? Long-term abuse of your mane can hinder growth and set you on the course to a shiny scalp.
  • New medications: Hair loss treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride can put an end to the balding process. Certain medications, however, can set it off. If you start losing hair shortly after beginning a new prescription, it might be time to consult your doctor.
  • Unhealthy diet and exercise: Being unhealthy in general can result in bodily stress that causes temporary hair loss. Check out Kenneth Gallarzo’s Instagram for workout tips, and eat some freaking protein.

If you can correct these issues, your temporary hair loss might just stay temporary.

Early Hair Loss

hair loss

If you’re in the beginning stages of balding or just noticed thinner hair, you’ve got a ton of options. Fortunately, they’re also more affordable than hair restoration strategies later in the game.

  • Scalp camouflage: Some people call this a “scalp tattoo.” Don’t call it that. It’s much more complex. Practitioners use microneedles to place pigment into your scalp to hide thinning areas. Scalp camo can make it appear as if balding isn’t occurring at all.
  • Hair product changeup: Most guys avoid anything but basic haircare products. If you’re seeing too much hair on your pillow, though, you should consider BSG’s Champú HC01, Pomade and other products.
  • Medicated treatments: While minoxidil and finasteride might not work for everyone, they’re great medicated treatment options.

Once you notice that you’re losing hair, there’s no time to waste. If your scalp is being a prick and makes it obvious this isn’t a temporary affair, get the ball rolling immediately.

Okay, Now It’s Serious

You can tackle most of the reversible signs of hair loss early on. Then there are the serious issues that scalp camo, minoxidil or new hair products aren’t solving. When it’s obvious these methods aren’t working, you’ve still got a few “aces in the hole.”

PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections use your own blood’s ingredients to make your hair healthier. It’s often combined with other hair restoration products, but it’s also effective in its own right. The entire process just takes a few minutes. In that small amount of time, your hair follicles become strengthened and become less likely to take damage.

At Barber Surgeons Guild, we also go the extra mile by adding ATP. This substance is what runs your cells. It provides a jolt of energy that most PRP treatments don’t offer. If you really want to put a quick end to balding, though, it may be time to call in the robots.

Restauración capilar robótica

ARTAS hair restoration takes grafts from healthy sections of your scalp and transplants them to balding areas. In doing so, you’re adding permanent and healthy hairs to the thin spots. The coolest part is that artificial intelligence is now used as part of the procedure.

This makes robotic hair restoration one of the most precise and effective methods to restore your full mane. Your doctor’s hand will still play the major role, but robotic technology will ensure only the healthiest grafts get used for transplantation. You’ll also avoid the outdated strip harvesting method that can leave you with a permanent linear scar.

There are countless benefits to an ARTAS transplant, but the most important is getting your hair back. The results are permanent and you’ll have your own hair growing like it was always meant to. PRP injections can also improve how strong your new locks come in.

The only downside? Having hair means you need to wash it. That’s going to take at least 60 seconds out of your day.

Stop Balding in its Tracks

Nature is a vengeful mistress. She wants the majority of men to go bald. It’s a sad fact of life. Instead of spraying a case of aerosol cans outside to get back at her, though, why not just take our advice and stop going losing your hair? No matter which of the signs of balding you’re experiencing, there are ways to combat the process. Check out what we have to offer at Barber Surgeons Guild today to learn your best option.