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Tips and Tricks: How to Use Men’s Hair Serum

Knowing how to use hair serum correctly will put you on track to making your hair fuller, thicker, and more attractive. Once you master these five tips and tricks, you can use BSG hair serum to keep up with the latest hairstyle trends for men.

Choose a Hair Serum That Fights Thinning Hair

There are different types of hair serum that you can buy. Most of them are designed to help you style your hair. Unfortunately, those serums don’t contain the ingredients needed to promote hair growth. If you have thinning hair, then they won’t give you the results that you want.

Instead, you need to choose a high-potency product like HC01 Suero capilar HC01. HCO1 Hair Serum includes a high concentration of BSG Trichoanagenic Factor that will stimulate your hair follicles to slow the effects of male pattern baldness. Because of its ingredients, you get to fight thinning hair while making your hairstyle look its best.

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Apply Hair Serum Immediately After Showering

Hair serum needs a clean scalp to do its job, so you should apply it immediately after showering and washing your hair. You only need a dropper of hair serum to stimulate follicles.

Make sure you use your hair serum before you apply other hair products. You’re not going to get the results that you want if your hair serum has to fight its way through a layer of pomade before it reaches your scalp.

Combine Your Hair Serum With a Natural Hair Products

Hair serum works better when you combine it with other natural hair products. The products that you use will depend on your hair and personal style. Some men can get a great look from nothing more than a moisturizing shampoo and hair serum. Others may need to step up their game by adding pomade that gives their hair more volume and control.

Talk to your stylist about what hair products you should use in combination with your hair serum. After all, no one knows your hair better than your stylist. If you don’t have a stylist, then schedule an appointment with one of BSG’s Master Barbers to begin a relationship that will improve your looks greatly.

Find a Hairstyle That Works for Youhair serum

Typically, men who are losing their hair choose short styles that make their hair appear fuller. Barber Charlie Hubball takes an extreme approach by shaving the sides and back of the head before cutting the top short. The extra bulk that this style creates can make men feel more confident in their looks. Your style is important, but nothing is sexier than the confidence that you get from a good haircut.

You may not want to go as extreme as Hubball’s style, but Skalp shows that you can get similar effects from the best haircuts for balding men. Talk to your stylist about the benefits of pompadours, clean shaves, buzz cuts, and other short hairstyles that can help hide receding hairlines and bald spots.

Consider the Advantages of Robotic Hair Regeneration

BSG HCO1 Hair Serum can slow the process of your hair loss, but it’s just a matter of time before you start to lose your hair. If you have pattern baldness in your family, then you’ll need to address the issue with something more powerful than hair serum.

Schedule an appointment with a doctor at BSG so you can talk about the advantages of robotic hair restoration. Robotic hair restoration uses hair grafts, and platelet-rich plasma to ensure that you stop thinning hair in its tracks. After a few sessions, you’ll notice that your hair already has more volume than before.

Men’s hair serum is a great way to start fighting back against thinning hair. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to use it with a variety of products and professional services to prevent bald spots and a receding hairline.