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What Is Robotic Hair Restoration?

While many people never consider what they’ll do if their hair starts thinning out, it’s something that most will eventually have to deal with. By the age of 40, two-thirds of men and 40 percent of women will have visual hair loss. Experts have spent decades creating therapies to combat this, but robotic hair restoration has quickly become the effective alternative to these typically subpar treatments. If you’ve been struggling with hair loss, this solution is what you’ve been looking for.

An Explanation of Robotic Hair Restoration

From dietary supplements to pharmaceutical options, the history of hair regeneration is an expansive one. In recent years, hair transplants would’ve given you the best chance of naturally regrowing hair. This remains true today, but thanks to advancing technology, robotic hair restoration can be utilized for the transplant without the disadvantages of traditional surgical treatments.

Robotic hair restoration begins like other methods. Doctors prepare pores on your head to accommodate new hairs. This is where the similarities end. At this point, an advanced robotic system is used to identify the best potential grafts prior to their placement in prepared pores. Specifics of the treatment can vary by physician, but the procedure remains a leap forward in the field of hair regrowth.

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How Robotic Hair Restoration Works

If you’re wondering how robotic hair restoration works, it’s actually an easy procedure to explain even if the technology is complex. Regardless of where you have the treatment performed, a local anesthesia will be used to numb your scalp. This minimizes any pain from the procedure and allows you to undergo treatment without sedatives.

The next step in robotic hair restoration involves artificial intelligence applying algorithms to video images of your donor area. This allows a more precise harvesting of your hair via the popular follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. This technology also constantly monitors follicle location to ensure the best grafts are taken. Your doctor will oversee the procedure and perform the implant.

After the treatment, you’re fine to drive home immediately and will begin to see new hair growth within three months. At Barber Surgeons Guild, we also provide post-care instructions. You’ll want to start taking great care of your hair in the future. Before that, though, make sure to follow your post-care instructions to achieve full healing.

Why Barber Surgeons Guild?

You have options when it comes to robotic hair restoration, but at Barber Surgeons Guild, we believe you won’t find better service, experts or procedures anywhere. We know what to do when your hair starts thinning, and if a less-invasive treatment would be effective, we’ll never try to oversell you on a procedure you don’t need. We also utilize ATP — a cellular growth treatment — along with platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to stimulate and accelerate hair growth.

Of course, robotic hair restoration starts long before the actual procedure. Our experts will sit down with you to discuss exactly the type of style you’re going for. Expert hair stylist Mark Townsend suggests always bringing in a photo of the hairstyle you want, and we couldn’t agree more.

At this point, we’ll discuss how we can pull it off. Additionally, you’ll receive an expert pre-procedure haircut. At Barber Surgeons Guild, we aim for a holistic approach to hair restoration. By combining robotic technology, expert advice and regenerative medical therapies, we ensure the best possible outcome for each individual patient.

Hair Restoration That Works

Dr. Justin Rome and the other professionals at Barber Surgeons Guild offer the experience and breadth of knowledge to set your mind at ease when it comes to robotic hair restoration. There’s no point in trying dozens of expensive hair regrowth methods that may not even work. Instead, take a look at our advanced medical grooming services and contact us today to schedule your robotic hair restoration procedure.