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What Your Hair Transplant Cost Should Include to Be Worth It

Gone are the days when losing your hair meant simply accepting your fate. Technology evolved immensely in recent years, and hair restoration wasn’t left behind. One of the most effective treatments you’ll ever invest in is ARTAS hair transplants. With more practitioners offering the therapy, though, how do you choose the best? One of the most important factors is hair transplant cost and what it includes.

Factors in Hair Transplant Cost

Before we jump into the many benefits of ARTAS hair transplants and what it should include, it’s important to note that prices will vary. Average costs at respected clinics can range from $8,000 to $20,000 or more. This is obviously a huge spread. That’s because there are numerous factors to consider when looking at hair transplant costs.

  • Different locales: The cost of living will vary from one locale to the next. This typically means prices vary as well. For instance, you could probably head down to Mexico and get a fairly cheap transplant. Honestly, we wouldn’t recommend it unless you live there, as routine followup is crucial.
  • Availability in the area: A city with 12 hair transplant practitioners may have lower costs. That’s because they must compete between each other. You should never forget, though, that price shouldn’t be your sole consideration.
  • Practitioner experience: If you want the lowest-cost hair transplant, it’s easy to find a practitioner with the minimally-required education and experience. The outcome won’t always be ideal, but it is an option.Also, lower cost procedures tend to use the outdated strip harvesting technique.
  • Patient differences: As with any medical procedure, there will be distinct variations between patients. The biggest difference is the amount of hair loss that’s taken place. Having more area to fill will obviously affect the overall cost.

Keep in mind that even one of these factors can have a huge effect on hair transplant costs. That’s why each of these issues should receive a holistic approach. Schedule a consultation with the experts at Barber Surgeons Guild today to see where you fall on the spectrum.

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What’s Included in Hair Transplant Costs?

Before going into what hair transplant costs should include, let’s touch base on what they do typically include. No matter where you go throughout the country, you’ll often see the following process. While many practitioners expand upon these offerings, this is the bare minimum you can anticipate.

  • Local anesthesia: While there’s minimal risk of slight pain after the procedure, the process could be uncomfortable without a local anesthetic. A professional will apply the anesthesia prior to the treatment. Some practitioners may use sedatives, but this is overkill.
  • Graft selection: Transplanted follicles will first need to get selected from the healthy areas of your scalp. These hairs will allow new growth of healthy hair in areas where it has already ceased.
  • Removal and implantation: Once the identification of healthy grafts concludes, they’re removed and transplanted. If you opt for strip harvesting, this will include removing full strips of your scalp. It’s best to opt for follicular unit extraction (FUE) instead to avoid unsightly scars.
  • Finishing up: The entire process typically takes between 5-7 hours. Once finished, you should have minimal downtime. Ask your doctor if you can get right back to your daily workout!

As long as you select an experienced professional to handle your transplant, everything should go smoothly. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll get the same level of service. After all, you can buy one product from Wish and another from Amazon. In the end, however, you’ll notice the difference.

Excuse the simplistic analogy. It was the simplest one to come up with.

The Extras Worth the Hair Transplant Cost

Now that you know the basics, you have a pretty good understanding of what to expect. If you really want to get the most for your money, though, it’s important to demand more. It may cost a few extra dollars, but using a few tips from financial guru Brian Tracy should be enough to cover the difference.

3D Imaging

During your initial consultation, some practitioners will provide 3D imaging of your head. This allows them to show exactly what you’ll look like following your procedure. Hair transplants are far more permanent than wigs or medications, so shouldn’t you know exactly what you’ll look like?

Professional Haircut

Once you know what you want out of your hair transplant, it’s important to have a foundation to work from. This is why many professionals will include a signature haircut. This allows the doctor to transplant hairs in a way that allows you to accomplish your favorite style. Don’t worry, you can pull off countless hairstyles after a transplant.

No Per-Follicle Pricing

Many practitioners try to inflate their hair transplant cost by instituting per-follicle pricing. Find a clinic that has an all-inclusive fee so they’ll focus more on getting the maximum amount of growth and less on padding their wallets.

Various Hair Types

Hair transplants were initially created with Caucasian males in mind. If you don’t fit into this mold, you need to find a doctor who has adjusted the procedure to account for different hair types.

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gets taken directly from your own blood and injected into your scalp. If you want a more complex explanation, The SciBabe might be able to help. She knows stuff and she’s a babe.

The simple answer, though, is that it’s a common process which people use on its own to increase scalp health. This can result in a fuller appearance and combat further loss. At Barber Surgeons Guild, we include this technology with the hair transplant cost.

Additionally, BSG uses an ATP and platelet-rich plasma combination. This is known as Advanced Regenerative Therapy. ATP is essentially cellular energy. It supercharges the effects of PRP and maximizes your hair growth following the procedure. After all, you deserve every bit of help you can get when investing in the treatment.

Before and After ARTAS Hair Transplants

A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s left you wondering why you haven’t seen any before and after images. Well ask, and you shall receive.

Get What You’re Paying For

There are far too many hair loss solutions out there to just give up. When you’re picking out the best form of treatment, though, it’s important to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. At Barber Surgeons Guild, we center our focus on providing you with a fair level of service based on hair transplant cost. Take a look at all the services we have to offer, and you’ll understand why there’s no better decision.