Ace the Job Interview With Confident Swagger: Pro Styling Tips for Men

An interview isn’t about being cocky or pompous, but being confident in your abilities and hungry for a new job opportunity. Here are some of the best wardrobe and grooming tips to help you interview more confidently – on any budget.

Proper Suit Etiquette

Because first impressions matter, your business suit should stand out. It should be clean, in a dark color, and it shouldn’t have holes, stains, or odors. Your pant hems should be even, with no loose strings or fabric tags .

If you have time to shop for a new suit visit Nordstrom, Hugo Boss, or The Men’s Warehouse. If you’re on a budget, buy one gently used. Have it dry cleaned and take it to a tailor to ensure a good fit.

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Have a Polished Look

In an interview, potential employers want to see how you present yourself. A big mistake job seekers make is wearing dress shirts discolored around the neck, underarms, and cuffs that have frayed at the neck and cuffs.

To define your look, wear a new white or blue dress shirt and ensure a proper fit. Have it measured, as your shirt cuffs shouldn’t extend beyond your wrists. With your tie, inspect to make sure it doesn’t have stains or wrinkles.

An additional part of men’s grooming is coordinating your shoes with your suit and having your shoes shined and heels replaced if worn. While home shoe-shining kits are adequate, a professional polish will compliment your ensemble.

Wear dark socks with a dark suit and check your socks for holes. It looks bad in interviews to cross your leg and show stains, holes, or white gym socks.

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Styling Your Hair and Shaving

Having the best men’s grooming products can provide you with a classic and contoured interview look. Men may feel unattractive or insecure if they’ve used hair restoration techniques or have hair implants, but your confidence is about believing in yourself.

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To reflect your best features, get a professional haircut before interviewing and shave the morning of your interview, but keep aftershave mild. Whether you use pomades, aftershave, or other shaving supplies, your grooming products will give you an air of confidence. If wearing a beard, select the finest beard grooming products for a well-styled look.

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For help with men’s grooming tips, L.A. based, Blake Scott, is a menswear style authority who’s scrupulous about hygiene and tailoring. You can follow him at @ScottBlake.


Now that you’ve got confident swagger, to ace the interview, research the firm with whom you’re interviewing. Walk through their website. Read about the key players and know the history of the firm. Discuss what you can offer. See yourself as confident and successful (not cocky). You’re there to provide a solution to a problem, and your well-defined look will speak for itself. Believe the possibilities.

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