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Robotic Hair Restoration

7 Hair Care Mistakes Every Guy Needs to Avoid

You groom every day, spend a lot of time at the barber, and follow all the top 10 male hair influencers on Instagram. And yet, you still experience waking up every day to considerably less hair, a receding hairline, or even an embarrassing bald patch. Perhaps...

Ace the Job Interview With Confident Swagger: Pro Styling Tips for Men

An interview isn't about being cocky or pompous, but being confident in your abilities and hungry for a new job opportunity. Here are some of the best wardrobe and grooming tips to help you interview more confidently - on any budget. Proper Suit Etiquette Because first impressions...

Bike Maintenance

Best Bike Maintenance and Pre-Ride Bike Inspection Tips for Cyclists

With these cool bike maintenance tips that every cyclist can use, you can clean, inspect, and lubricate your bike. Whether it's pre- or post-rides, save on labor and keep every ride as smooth as the first. Bike Cleaning Tips When cleaning your bike, to remove grime and...

texture liniment 

The Meaning of Men’s Beards

When you look at the men who shaped history, you’ll notice that many of them had something in common: amazing beards. Leonardo da Vinci sported a long, flowing beard. Charles Darwin had a big, messy mop on his face. Abraham Lincoln wore a trim beard...

BSG HCO-1 Conditioner

What BSG HCO-1 Conditioner Can Do For You

Thinning hair isn’t something that any man wants to admit is happening -- but for many of us it is just a natural part of getting older. However, you don’t just have to stand idly by and watch your beautiful hair start to disappear! Hair treatment has...

professional shave

What to Expect When You Get a Professional Shave Treatment

If you've never experienced the relaxing, almost sensual, pleasure of a professional shave treatment, you're in for a treat. Women flock to spas and salons on a regular basis. Why shouldn't guys be able to enjoy the same pampering? I had resisted the idea for years,...

5 Summer Wash Bag Essentials | Barber Surgeon Guild

BSG HCO1 Edition Shampoo is just one of the must-have tools that should always be in your summer wash bag. But what are the rest? Before you start to pack, take the advice of Frank of 2 Bag 1 World on Twitter. He says, “With every item,...

Find the Right Shampoo for Your Hair and Personal Style

The type of hair that your born with and the hairstyle that you choose should affect the type of shampoo that you buy. Most women know this. Unfortunately, men don’t get the same grooming tips growing up. If you don’t know anything about your shampoo, hair...

best cocktails

The Ultimate List to the Best Cocktails

7 Best Cocktails A Guy Should Know How to Order Here's the deal. Drinks are genderless. If you enjoy the way a cocktail tastes, order it. And then order it again. But yes, there's something to be said about pinkish or fruity drinks which, let's be...

How to dress

How to dress in your 20s

How to Dress in Your 20's The first decade of your adult life should be lived in style. And while it's tricky figuring out your own original style, your 20's are the perfect time to master your wardrobe skills. See, you're still young enough to experiment, and...