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How Often Should I Be Conditioning?

When thinking of “conditioning” outside the shower, it may bring to mind strength training or cross training for a sport or event. While Barber Surgeon’s Guild HCO1 Edition Conditioner is a luxury, aromatic, and not a sweaty experience, it is designed to strengthen your hair and add...

Better Botox for the Best Results 

Barber Surgeon’s Guild is proud to offer the most advanced clinical grooming procedures available on the market today. Some of the most popular treatments include botox, fillers, PRP and microneedling. While you should always book a consultation with a qualified and licensed physician when considering your...

How Advanced Robotic Hair Regeneration Works

Barber Surgeon’s Guild is proud to provide the most advanced hair restoration services and memberships available today. In order to deliver the best results, BSG utilizes a multi-disciplinary, pain and sedative-free approach. The main event: robotic Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is used in tandem with...

Social Media do’s and don’ts in ever-changing digital territory

Do capitalize on the benefits of social media. Don’t allow social media to distract from social time. Honor those in your immediate vicinity with your presence and attention. Do use hashtags. Don’t make them the first comment of your post… Tag your media later in your post, so more conversational writing can...

Cleanup on aisle me!

Whether you think of yourself as a “primper” or a “prepper,” no matter how busy you are, everyone wants to look sharp and feel their best as they tackle their day. Consider preparing for midday grooming needs and channel any anxiety-inducing concerns into a discreet...

Why You Should Delegate Your Beard Maintenance To A Pro

Barber Surgeon’s Guild’s Master Barber, Brandon Barney, shares his expertise on things to consider when determining the best beard style for you and your lifestyle. “A person will choose a haircut for themselves because they like how it looks without taking their own hair patterns, style,...

Treat Yourself To A Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave

Regardless of whether you have a photo-op coming up or simply want to relax and provide yourself or a loved one some world-class self care, come by LA’s own Barber Surgeon’s Guild for our Signature Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave. Straight razor shaving is a...

How Tattoos Work

Tattoos are an increasingly common cosmetic addition in today’s culture with about forty percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 having committed to permanent body art. While everyone chooses to make the commitment to a tattoo or design for different reasons, the...

A Brief History of Cosmetic Fillers

Wishing that creasing your brow was not increasing with time is not a new desire. Thankfully, there are about 200 years of surgical and societal history that has led cosmetic medicine to new heights both effectually and aesthetically. In the 1800’s, shortly after the invention of...

Stretching for Men

While many heath-minded men feel very comfortable completing cardio or strength training work outs, many men feel out of place or unsure of where to begin their stretching self-care practice. Maintaining flexibility is widely accepted as an important part of injury prevention particularly before and...