How Often Should I Be Conditioning?

When thinking of “conditioning” outside the shower, it may bring to mind strength training or cross training for a sport or event. While Barber Surgeon’s Guild HCO1 Edition Conditioner is a luxury, aromatic, and not a sweaty experience, it is designed to strengthen your hair and add endurance to you ‘do.

Condition after you shampoo. The shampoo will strip your hair of oils, dirt and etc, leaving your hair in need of nutrients. The conditioner will provide that. Men who have a shorter hair style typically shampoo too often. Unless your water is soft, unlike Los Angeles’ water (which is mineral-filled, abrasive liquid steel-wool), you don’t need to shampoo daily. The water alone will do a decent job of stripping your hair of impurities. You can shampoo every four days. Shampooing more often is rarely necessary, so long as you’re not caking on the hair pomade. Conditioning every two days is sufficient for most men.” – Brandon Barney, BSG Master Barber 

When conditioning your hair, the amount of time you leave the product in the hair greatly effects the results. If rinsed out too quickly, the hair will not have proper time to absorb the conditioner. If left in for too long, the hair may absorb too much of the oils in the product. This can make hair look greasy and possibly shortening the amount of time between shampoos.

“The longer you leave the conditioner in, the more your hair will be weighted down. Leave it in a minute or two. Use enough to coat your hair and enjoy a little scalp massage before rinsing it out. If you have longer hair or wavy hair you and want to find a little more control, leave in the conditioner a few more minutes. The nutrients in the conditioner will stay in your hair as much as it can absorb making hair slightly more weighted and more easily styled. Buy yourself some good products with quality ingredients that cater to your specific needs and enjoy the results.” – Brandon Barney, BSG Master Barber 

Consider subscribing to Barber Surgeon’s Guild for monthly deliveries of your hair maintenance needs. Our most basic packages include our HCO1 shampoo and conditioner as well as a styling product.

If you are looking for a more proactive response to a receding hairline, consider looking into BSG’s medical grooming services such as advanced robotic hair regeneration or clinical PRP maintenance and scheduling a  consultation with Dr. Justin Rome.