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An Actor’s Life In New York City Part 3.

Representation. This is by far one of the most difficult things to get as an actor in NYC. A lot of people will tell you, "You need an agent", but what no one will tell you is how to get one. For 3 years I had...

Wine Series pt. 2

One of the first things you notice when you open up a wine list is the breakdown of wines. It could be split up in "Red/White/Sparkling" or "Old World/New World" or even "France/Italy/Spain/USA/South America/Australia". Not very helpful, I know. I'll explain some of these terms...

An Actor’s Life In New York City Part 2.

I was cast as the male swing in Off-Broadway's My Big Gay Italian Wedding, which meant that I understudied most of the men in the show and could go on at a moment's notice. It was my big break in NYC! I earned my Actors' Equity...

Why I Love Soccer Now After Loving Hockey For So Many Years

Hockey was my first sports love affair. The Columbus Blue Jackets are my team (I'll pause for your laughter). I fell in love with them in 2010, while I was at Ohio State, and have enjoyed watching them slowly progress under new leadership. Hockey is...