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How To Nail The Morning Routine

Have you ever gone to sleep exhausted at 3 AM, after watching too many YouTube videos to count, scrolling past the same Facebook posts five times in a row, or letting Netflix’s 15-second countdown get the best of you? You wake up somehow even sleepier...

How to Get Rid of That Drunken Holiday Tattoo

There’s nothing like travelling with friends. It’s the end of the summer, after graduation (whichever one), and you don’t have a care in the world. or better yet, it’s the dead of winter but you’ve all made it to some warm, tropical confine of our...

Intermittent Fasting

Every day, we’re flooded with new “magical” dieting techniques that involve no self-control or discipline and are supposed to somehow yield results. On the other hand of the spectrum, you have draconian regimens that might be proven to work but require tremendous willpower to pull...

How Often Should You Be Using Your Conditioner

Until I grew out my hair a year ago, conditioner was a foreign concept to me - it was just a thing I sometimes accidentally bought instead of shampoo. Then, my newly long hair started feeling dry whenever I shampooed, and I discovered the beauty...

How to apply pomade

You finally watched Mad Men, and thought Don Draper looked pretty dapper with that pomade in his hair, but you haven’t the first clue how it all works? As usual, you’ve come to the right place. We got our Barbershop Manager, Frances Fernandez, to weigh...

How often should you wash your hair?

Another day, another timeless question: how often should you wash your hair? Mainstream society (and shampoo manufacturers) would have us lather up at least once a day. But you’ve probably heard about the No Poo Method, which is all about healthy shampoo free hair. Rather...

How To Meditate Pt. 2

Meditation can be very challenging to start. Most people like to keep busy so they never have to face their feelings. They surround themselves with a flurry of activity, exercise, and work to stave off boredom, while trying to remain proactive in order to get...

How To Shave Like A Barber

You’re trying to upgrade your shaving game, but you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re tired of 15-blade razors always wanted to wield a good old-fashioned straight razor. Or maybe you just like to live on the edge. Either way, we had a chat...

A Brief History of Cleanliness

What is the longest time you could go without a shower or a bath? Whether we shower several times a day or once every other day, we all know how important it is to clean up regularly. It keeps the bacteria at bay, and gets...

How To Grow Out Your Hair

Are you looking to change it up a bit for the winter months, grow out your hair and try out that beard you’ve been longing to try out? If you are done with short hair and have decided to let it grow long, then you...