BSG Ingredients: Propacil

Propacil is a patented herbal formula that combines three heavy hitting ingredients all aimed at maintaining the youthful appearance of hair by thickening the “bulb” or flesh that surrounds and anchors the root of the hair. This thickening of the bulb allows more blood flow through the scalp and more secure roots for the hair follicle, mimicking the natural state of a younger hair follicle cell with a higher metabolic rate.

Vitaminated Matrikine, also called Biotinyl Tripeptide-1

Stimulates cell metabolism and growth by prolonging the cell’s growth cycle and helps to create cell’s resilience in the face of dihydrotestorone (DHT).


Apigenin is a natural phytochemical and natural flavandoid that appears in chamomile, liquorice, and cloves. It acts as a vasodilator and helps to prevent free radical damage. Apegenin contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Oleanolic acid

Oleonolic acid is a naturally occurring acid, making appearances in olive leaves as well as Southwestern Juniper Mistletoe and Honey Mesquite shrubs. One of oleanolic acid’s benefits is that it improves micro-circulation of the scalp by acting as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also blocks the enzyme 5α- reductase, which is responsible for creating DHT, the hormone most closely linked to the onset of male pattern baldness.

While propacil is an anti-aging herbal blend used by other hair restoration products, only Barber Surgeon’s Guild uses a unique blend combining it other synchronous ingredients in each their hair care products.

When you use BSG hair care products you never have to be concerned that your conditioner is modifying the effects of your shampoo or perhaps making it more difficult for your styling pomade to stick to your strands. The same special blend of quality and cutting edge ingredients that was chosen and curated by a team of medical doctors and stylists alike, are included in each and every product so you can be confident that you have comprehensive and consistent care in your hair restoration journey.

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