What Can We Expect For Women’s Hairstyles in 2018

Hey Ladies, let’s be honest here. Most of us ladies are pretty happy with what we’ve got going on with our hair, if not a little attached to our style. Barring a Britney moment, flat ironing disaster, or needing to go incognito à la Angelina Jolie in Salt, we’re probably not looking to do anything drastic. However, as we look to the New Year with a renewed desire to streamline the struggle and make our lives a little more effortless, taking steps to cut down the amount of time spent on your hair is prime as you tackle other resolutions.

“In the modern age, haircut pricing for woman varies tremendously. That being said, a good haircut is worth the investment when it comes to the considerable amount of time one will save fussing with styling. A good haircut would ideally be cut in a way for the client to exert minimal/no effort in styling it,” said Grooming Salon Manager for BSG, Francesca Elizabeth. Book a haircut at the BSG outpost in Los Angeles here.

Consider Thinning Your Layers

One option to cut down on drying time is to ask your stylist to thin your layers, while maintaining your length. This allows hair to dry more quickly whether using a hair dryer or air drying, and will add to the bounce of the final style.

Get inspired by sharp style throwbacks by the likes of Jean Seberg in Breathless for a close cut, Sophia Loren for anyone looking for a bob or shoulder length hair, and Lynda Carter for a boho-hippie vibe.

Consider multi-tasking

While it may sound impressive, rag doll curls or bantu buns are an easy and heat free way to add curl to any texture hair without heat during sleep.  After putting leave in conditioner, or a gentle mousse or gel, hair is rolled and tied in fabric strips, and then slept upon. Upon waking up, you untie the fabric, and can use fingers to shake out and comb through your curls. Using a brush immediately may cause unnecessary frizzing, and a bit of hair spray can add endurance, bounce, and shine to your style before you head out the door.

If a gym session is part of your morning routine, consider “bun curling” wet hair. After your gym shower quick styling your hair into a bun or french twist for the day passes as a professional and office appropriate style, when little do your co-workers know you are prepping your locks for a no-heat blow out.

“Hair generally maintains it’s wet shape if the appropriate product is used,” said Elizabeth.

If you have fine/thin hair and would like some texture, a salt spray or volumizing foam would work for best results, according to Elizabeth. Towel dry hair, apply product and roll hair up in a messy loose bun on the top of the head. When it is almost dry, bring your hair down to see volume and waves. The product should help eliminate frizz and maintain the waves. For medium hair, salt spray or a light styling cream works best for this top bun technique. For coarse, thick hair a heavier styling cream works best (Elizabeth recommends Matrix Wild Boho for air drying).

“Thicker density hair that is healthy or in good condition can often just use a leave in conditioner and look great,” said Elizabeth.

As you create your daytime style, be sure to use soft elastics, and open pins, or grip clips so as not to “crimp” or add unwanted texture to the shaft of the hair when you shake out the final product.

As you tackle your resolutions in the New Year, we at Barber Surgeons Guild wish you light, love, luck, and ease. We’d love for you to delegate your grooming needs to us, as it’s our passion to create and maintain great hair for our clients so they can continue with confidence as they tackle their passions and take pride in their work. Check out our grooming services and make an appointment here.

Should you desire a full style overhaul, be sure to talk to one of our master stylists and talk about what options are most synchronistic for the texture of your hair and lifestyle.