The Future Is Now: Laser Your Fat Away

A common procedure intended to work with patients’ weight loss journey is laser fat removal or “non-invasive lipolysis.” This 25 minute procedure must always be performed under the license of a medical doctor and has no recovery time. Fat laser removal provides natural-appearing results that reveal themselves over the next three months.

This procedure works by raising the temperature of fat cells, deep inside the skin. Fat cells are rarely created and destroyed, they typically expand and shrink with weight gain and loss. Other fat removal treatments such as ultrasound therapy for fat merely shrinks the fat cells- making it a temporary solution, while laser therapies for fat actually destroy the treated fat cells, making it a much more permanent solution. The skin, and first few millimeters of fat where most of the nerve endings are, are cooled to ensure the patient’s comfort. The fat cells laying beneath the upper layer are heated between 42-47 degrees, damaging them. The disrupted fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s natural processes and are not regenerated.

Over the next three months, the body discretely loses weight as it clears itself of the damaged cells. This procedure is much less physically, mentally, and emotionally invasive than electing an invasive surgical weight loss intervention such as a tummy-tuck or gastric bypass which may require anesthesia as well as days to weeks of downtime or modifying movement.

While it is by no means a first step on your weight loss journey, it can be a helpful step that operates synchronistically with your other diet and exercise choices. In Dr. Justin Rome’s own words, “Diet and exercise are important for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Laser body sculpting is complementary to treat resistant areas. Most of weight gain and weight loss occurs in the “deep fat” which exists around the organs. This is also called visceral or omental fat. This is not targeted by laser body sculpting or even liposuction or surgery like Tummy tuck. All these cosmetic procedures work on the superficial fat.”

Not only are you receiving scientifically and aesthetically driven care when you entrust us with your health, but you are in a place that is fully devoted to men’s personal care and providing the same attention, detail oriented work, and quality commonly put behind women’s aesthetic procedures. “Men are interested in the same advanced procedures as women are but don’t want to go to a female oriented environment. They want to go to a place that’s comfortable for them. Part of what made me realize this is that I wanted a lot of the treatments I offered but didn’t feel comfortable myself going anywhere for them.”

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